Honolulu Star-Bulletin Online - Vol. 2, No. 10

Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Highlights of today’s online edition:

The second in our Ceded Lands series;
Preparing for the ’97 Legislature

Second in our series of picks for ’97 - this one focusing on artists

Bishop Estate is in lease negotiations with Kahala residents;
Isle telecom companies get bids

The Hula Bowl, ’Bow basketball and baseball on tap

Editorials, letters and Bud Smyser

Thursday is calendar update day
Our community section features frequently updated lists
and calendars of events, including reunions, movies
and the obituary notices.

Same-sex marriage:
A collection of links to our past articles on the subject ,
plus the full text of the court ruling

The votes are cast, the results are in!
American Journalism Review NewsLink
‘Best of the Web’ poll.

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