The POP Accountability Group grew out of the POP'94 election project to determine the key issues facing the community and then elicit the candidates' positions on those issues. The accountability project follows up on that by comparing the campaign promises and statements of Gov. Ben Cayetano and Mayor Jeremy Harris to their actions since taking office.

The POP Accountability Group met with representatives of Cayetano and Harris to get agreement on a fair definition of their campaign promises and a fair measurement of their progress in keeping the promises. This is the first report from that process.

The POP Accountability Group is a non-partisan group of citizens concerned about accountability in Hawaii's government. The sole mission is to compile and disseminate information, not to make evaluations and judgments. The Star-Bulletin is publishing the information as a public service.

You will find many places in these reports where you can comment simply by clicking and writing on the form that appears. We encourage you to do so. We will publish and update representative public comments as they come in.

The Cayetano Record

The Harris Record

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