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We occasionally run special "package" stories in our paper. These packages feature many stories on the same theme that run in a single day's paper, or they may be a series of stories that run over many days, weeks or months. On this page are links to those special packages, plus links to issues of greater public interest.

Warriors Football: 2008 Season Preview
August 28, 2008
The Warriors look to follow up
on a historic season
» Cover Story: Tides of Change
» Versus: Season Line-up
» Warriors' Roster
» Positions: Who's Who
and more...

Wahine Volleyball: 2008 Season Preview
August 27, 2008
UH volleyball is back! And the Wahine are ready to dance
» Hot List: Home Matches
» Breaking News: Top 3
» 10 Things You Need To Know
» Schedule and Rising Stars
and more...

August 8, 2008
The Power of 8: The number's importance and cultural significance
» The language of luck
» Aoki clan gears for special birthday
» A milestone for 2 generations
» Origami creations
and more...

Summer of Dreams
June 22, 2008
The 2008 Olympics take place in Beijing, China where the world's top athletes will compete to bring home medals.
» Swimming: Magnificent Michael
» Basketball: Gold or bust for men's team
» Volleyball: Life's a beach for both sides
» Tennis: Medals matter to top players
and more...

Hawaii on Tap
June 29, 2008
With unique flavors, local breweries are making gains in the craft beer market
» Crafters brewing up a storm
» Brewpubs are on the rise
» Beer 101
And more...

Hawaii’s Best, 2008
June 22, 2008
Results of the annual readers' poll from the Star-Bulletin & MidWeek
» Shopping and retail
» Services
» Entertainment
» Restaurants and food
Merrie Monarch
Festival 2008

April 4 - 7, 2008
Hawaii's yearly hula competition
on the Big Island.
» Suganuma named Miss Aloha Hula
» Halua wins overall by single point
» Framing the hulafest
» Slideshows: 1 | 2 | 3
7 Wonders of Hawaiʻi
March. 30- April 5, 2008
» Kilauea Volcano
» Diamond Head
» Hanauma Bay
» Haleakala
» Iolani Palace
» Na Pali Coast
» Waimea Canyon
Young at Heart
March 27, 2008
50-Plus in Hawaii.
Aloha Airlines
1946 ~ 2008

April 6, 2008
The rise, fall and memories of Hawaii's pan-Pacific airline.

Road to the
Sugar Bowl

December 2007
University of Hawaii's Warriors travel
to New Orleans to face Georgia.
Young at Heart
September 27, 2007
A guide for Hawaii's senior citizens.

Boomtown: Oahu Neighborhoods
September 26, 2007
A look at 10 communities, scattered across the island, and the change each is experiencing.
Warriors Report 2007
August 2007
A guide to the University of Hawaii Warriors football team.

Ke‘Anuenue 2007
August 2007
A guide to the University of Hawaii Wahine volleyball team.
Hawaii’s Best ’07
June 24, 2007
For the fifth consecutive year, readers of the Star-Bulletin and MidWeek have spoken

Don Ho ~ We’ll Remember You
May. 4, 2007
Don Ho put Hawaii on the map, and kept it there
Young at Heart
March 29, 2007
Hitting the big 5-0? Hit the road again.

Waikiki Beach Walk
Feb. 14, 2007
Outrigger bets on renewal in the heart of Waikiki.
Extra! Extra!
Anniversary Edition

March 15, 2006
Star-Bulletin marks 5 years since sale.

Race for the Hill
September 17, 2006
Your guide to the 2006 primary election
Young at Heart
September 28, 2006
Spa-tacular age fighters, and more

Road Warriors
August 25, 2006
Discover the thrills of Hawaii football
Wahine Highways
August 25, 2006
Hit the road with Hawaii volleyball

Hawaii’s Best ’06
June 25, 2006
The best Hawaii has to offer -- as determined by you
30th Anniversary

July 7, 2006
Commemorating Hokule'a's historic 1976 journey

Listen to the Rain
April 16, 2006
43 Days: Downpours. Death. Destruction.
Young at Heart
What a wonderful world

April 20, 2006
Art Todd, the banjo playing singer, is 92 years old and still going strong.

Young at Heart
March 3, 2005
Back to School -- You're never too old to learn
Through the Roof
May 1 - 8, 2005
A comprehensive report on Hawaii's housing market.

Hawai'ian Mythology
Aug. 30- Dec. 20, 2004
Hawaiian folklore and stories, courtesy of Kamehameha Schools.

The Main Event
October 24, 2004
Big jobs at stake
in the general election

Primary 2004
September 10, 2004
Candidates Q&A

Football special
September 3, 2004
An in-depth look
at the UH Warriors

Welcome Home
September 26, 2004
Island lifestyles reflect how and where we live

Young at Heart
- Ongoing -
Our guide for
Hawaii's fast-growing
50-plus population

Holoholo Honolulu
A walking tour of downtown
Honolulu's historic buildings, with
QuickTime VR panoramas.

September 28, 2003
From the lush valley of Manoa
to the arid coast of Waianae
to the bustle of Chinatown.

Flights of Fancy
December 11, 2003
Milestones of isle aviation history

Kilauea at 20
December 29, 2002
Marking 20 years
of creation and destruction

that Built Hawaii

September 29, 2002
From plantations,
to retail, to tourism,
to high-tech

We Remember
September 11, 2002
Hawaii residents share
thoughts and feelings
a year after the attacks

Hirono or Lingle?
October 27, 2002
Conflict, chaos rule
historic election;
candidate Q&As

Primary 2002
September 8, 2002
Candidate Q&As,
key races

Iniki recalled
September 8, 2002
Kauai remembers
the devastating
1992 storm

to Duke

August 24, 2002
Candidate Q&As,
and an overview
of the key races

What A Year
March 31, 2002
The Star-Bulletin
celebrates its first year
of independence

In Bloom
March 15, 2002
Spring fashion 2002

Fading Voices
December 6, 2001
Six decades dilute
the echoes of infamy,
but Pearl Harbor bears witness to sacrifice

Keiki to Kupuna
September 9, 2001
The stories behind the Census data illustrate Hawaii's diversity

Expatriates’ Corner
A reader forum
Former Hawaii residents comment
on Hawaii's 'brain drain' and related issues

Star-Bulletin closing

Shut Down

What Price Paradise?
Three-Part Series
August 23, 2000
Girls for sale
Teen prostitution
in Hawaii

Holo I Mua - Hawaiian Roundtable
March 20, 2000
Holo I Mua
The Star-Bulletin gathered 10 Hawaiian leaders for a timely dialogue about what's next for
Hawaiians in the wake of
Rice vs. Cayetano.

What Price Paradise?
Award-Winning Series
What Price Paradise?

Hawaii Pet Quarantine

Hawaii Animal Quarantine
Articles and useful links

August 21, 1997
[Shorter Pet Quarantine]
Requirement cut from 120 to 30 days

Dana Ireland

Dana Ireland Archive
SPECIAL: Jun. 8-10, 1999

Dana Ireland
Hokule‘a to Rapa Nui
Jun. 7, 1999
Rapa Nui, the Loneliest Island
Jun. 14, 1999

Hawaii's Brain Drain
Millennium Series
May - Dec., 1999

Estate probe urged
[Broken Trust]
[Broken Trust (no frames)]
August 9, 1997

[Bishop Estate Archive]

Jun. 14, 1999

Hawaii's Brain Drain
Brain Drain Series
Mar. 24-26, 1999

State of the Unions
Special Series
Oct. 12-15, 1998

Nov. 25, 1998
[SAT Scores database]
January 15, 1997
[Hawaii SAT Scores]
October 17, 1997
[Hawaii SAT Scores]

[1998 General Election Results]
Nov. 3, 1998

[Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's Report]
Sept 12, 1998

In The Line of Fire: Police Shootings

In The Line of Fire
Day One: Police shootings examined on a case-by-case basis - Jul. 30, 1998
Day Two: What happens to the cop? - Jul. 31, 1998

USS Missouri
Star-Bulletin articles

’98 Legislature E-mail Addresses
Spam your favorite lawmaker
Apr. 30, 1998

State of the State Address
Gov. Benjamin J. Cayetano
Jan. 26, 1998

"We must restructure" economy
Cayetano proposes eliminating agencies, programs

Full text of Gov. Cayetano's speech

In Memory of Rell Sunn:
'Queen of Makaha' Rell Sunn dies
More than a surfing legend
A Young Woman and the Sea
by Rell Sunn
Aloha, Rell

The 'Hawaii Diet'
The Hawaii Diet was featured Jan. 14, 1998 on NBC Nightly News. For more information on the Hawaii Diet, go to our search page at
and type in (Hawaii Diet) with the parentheses. That will bring up a long list of past Star-Bulletin articles on the subject, including recipes.

Ironman Kona 1997 coverage
October 24, 1997
[Recommendations of the Hawaii Economic Task Force]

Ironman Kona 1997 coverage
November 24, 1997
[Hawaii prisoners
in Texas]

Ironman Kona 1997 coverage

October 18, 1997
[Kona Ironman Triathlon 1997
Special Sat. coverage]

September 26, 1997

Poifest '97 Photo Essay
by Kathryn Bender

July 22, 1997

Help Wanted: Hawaii's Economic Crisis

July 14, 1997
[A Visit to Niihau]
Star-Bulletin reporter Catherine Kekoa Enomoto and photographer Ken Ige were afforded a rare invitation to visit the "Forbidden Island"
"Our Private Paradise"
July 26, 1997
By Keith Robinson,
one of the owners of Niihau

The Price of Paradise
Has Gov. Cayetano kept campaign promises? Compiled by the POP Accountability Group.
[The Price of Paradise 1997]
Last year, including Mayor Harris
[The Price of Paradise 1996]

September 1, 1997
[Wat Dat Oldies]
Burl Burlingame writes a series of articles on places and pieces of Our Hawaii called "Wat Dat?" This is a collection of Wat Dat columns that ran in the dark days before the start of starbulletin.com.

June 30, 1997
[Your Right to Know week]
Designated by the American Society of Newpaper Editors

June 24, 1997
[The return of
Hong Kong]
A week-long series by Susan Kreifels

May 20, 1997
[Hawaii and the

A three-day series
by Susan Kreifels

May 20, 1997
[UH Sports Money]
A four-day series
by Ian Lind

May 6, 1997
[Molokai Trail Talk]
[Trail Blazin' Molokai]
May 7, 1997
[Molokai Trail Talk]

April 1, 1997
[New Zealand]
Eight-part series
by A.A. Smyser.

March 21, 1997
[The Castano Liggett Statement]
The complete text of the Liggett & Myers agreement.

[First Vote]
Sep. 10, 1996
We turned on our tape recorder and asked first-time voters
to talk about the issues and political process.

January 13, 1997
[OHA: Breaking the Bank]
A three-day series by
Alan Matsuoka

Locked Out
September 2, 1996
Our award-winning series on Hawaii government's
slide toward secrecy in its dealings with the public.

[No Frames]
April 1996
This series focuses on the past, present and future of Kaimuki's business district.

Our long-running program with Waianae High School to improve the lot of students relegated to the "portable" classroom.
[Frames] [No Frames]

[Same-Sex Marriage]
Our page of links to Star-Bulletin articles on the subject, as well as columns, opinion and letters to the editor.

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