Current Affairs


POSTED: Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In this segment of Local Ventures, Kim greets us from the Pacific Aviation Museum, a hanger on Ford Island, filled with fantastic memorabilia from World War II.  It’s a great place to bring your family and its also a great place to host a party. It’s one of the many venues booked for special events by  Philip Richardson when his company, Current Affairs, wants to host a unique event.

Phillip, “I couldn’t get a job so …I saw this opportunity because of an event I had done in my previous life and we were told you have 5 minutes to bring in the food and beverage for three thousand five hundred people.  Its like, how do you do that?  So with that challenge in mind, I just thought, this is fantastic. And I said I’m gonna create a company that hits all five senses. And that’s what we did with Current Affairs. ..when the economy takes off again, whose going to be ready? If you’re not already poised to do business because you’re so busy cutting everything back, then when you’re ready, you’ve lost the race already because you weren’t in the gate at the right time when the economy takes off again.

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