Big Island Civil Defense tells residents to get ready for Felicia


POSTED: Friday, August 07, 2009

Hawaii County Civil Defense is advising Big Island residents to be prepared for heavy rain and high surf as Hurricane Felicia approaches the island over the weekend.

The National Weather Service forecasts wave heights to increase on eastern shores over the weekend, county officials said.

 Exact surf heights are unknown, but residents and beach-goers in coastal areas of east-facing shores should be prepared for rapid increases in surf, this morning’s civil defense advisory said.

“The island may experience heavy rain early in the work week,” the advisory said. “If your residence has been previously affected during periods of heavy rain take steps now to mitigate the effects of flooding. Be advised that the County will only distribute sand bags to those actively impacted by flooding.”

Hurricane Felicia was less than 1,300 miles east of Hilo as a Category 2 storm this morning, but it is expected to weaken to tropical storm strength by the time it reaches the Big Island early next week.