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POSTED: Friday, May 07, 2010


Not everyone likes those 'whole body imaging' machines

Worries that those expensive, full-body X-ray machines installed at some airports could be revealing too much gained some traction Wednesday with the arrest of a U.S. Transportation Security Administration worker at Miami International Airport.

According to the police report posted on thesmokinggun.com, the man had beaten a co-worker the day before in response to constant taunting about his alleged small genitalia, which had been revealed after he walked through one of the scanners during a recent training session. Even the man's supervisor allegedly participated in the snickering, eventually driving the suspect to violence.

NBC Miami reported yesterday that “; ... if this latest incident is any indication, the scanners sound like good news for anti-terrorism and bad news for less-than-average men.”;


Thou shalt honor thy mother ......

Many fascinating stats are emerging about the changing face of motherhood over the last 20 years, thanks to an analysis by the Pew Research Center. One of the most interesting: There are now more births to women 35 and older than to teenagers, a reversal of the ratio in 1990. More teens, hopefully, are getting the message to think twice, thrice, before embarking on the demanding joys of motherhood. And for late-in-life career moms, a bit of encouragement: Babies to women over age 40 made up 3 percent of births by 2008, triple the rate in 1990.

To all moms out there, doing the best you can: Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Cherish that handmade cup from Zoe, the jewelry holder from Kaitlyn, that hug from Eric. Your child is precious. So are you.