At least 8 legislators leaving their positions


POSTED: Saturday, May 01, 2010

There will be plenty of new faces in the state Legislature in 2011, with at least eight members either leaving or seeking new offices.

Almost all the movement comes from the Democrats, but Republican Sen. Fred Hemmings, who has served eight years in the state House and 10 years in the Senate, announced Thursday that he would not run for re-election.

Another veteran, Sen. Bob Bunda (D, Kaena-Wahiawa-Pupukea), with 28 years' experience in the House and Senate, also announced he would resign this summer, to run for lieutenant governor.

Rep. Mike Magaoay (D, Schofield-Kahuku) says he will run for Bunda's Senate post.

The lieutenant governor's field is already crowded with candidates from the Legislature.

On Thursday, Sen. Gary Hooser (D, Kauai-Niihau) and Sen. Norman Sakamoto (D, Salt Lake-Foster Village) both announced they also would resign to join the Democratic primary race for lieutenant governor.

Rep. Glenn Wakai (D, Moanalua Valley-Salt Lake) said that once Sakamoto resigns, he will run for Sakamoto's Senate seat.

The Lieutenant Governor's Office is also a lure for members of the state House. Both Rep. Lyla Berg (D, Hahaione-Aina Haina) and Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu (D, Waipahu-Waikele) plan to run for the Democratic nomination for that spot.