New Year's care offered for pets


POSTED: Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About 20 to 30 dogs will be attending a New Year's Eve bash in Kaneohe.

The pooches will enjoy a smoke-free, air-conditioned, nearly soundproof environment in a section of a warehouse while lounging on leather couches and watching movies.

“;We watch a lot of movies,”; said Kiana Mohika-Miyashiro, owner of K-9's & Kitty's Boarding & Daycare, which opened in February. “;We have all the dog movies—'Hotel for Dogs,' 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'—that's one of the favorites—'Lady and the Tramp.'”;

Many dogs are startled by fireworks, and “;it's common for pets to get loose during fireworks,”; said Kawehi Yim, spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Humane Society. New Year's Day is “;one of our busiest times,”; she said. “;Dogs who are startled bolt out of the house, break loose from their tethers.”; Lots of strays turn up.

Owners say besides the spectacle of fireworks, the booming can also be extremely disturbing to pets.

Mohika-Miyashiro said many of her customers began asking whether she would be open New Year's Eve since they were concerned about leaving their dogs alone.

“;We're just running it normal,”; Mohika-Miyashiro said. “;We live here 24/7.

“;I can relate with people who love their animals. It allows them to pick up their dog at 3 a.m.,”; she said.

Most will spend the night and be picked up the following morning.

Overnight prices range from $30 and up, depending on the size of the animal. An overnight stay for a 60-pound canine is $41.85. There are discounts for people who bring multiple dogs.

So far, the guest list at K-9's & Kitty's is around 25, and 30 will be the maximum Mohika-Miyashiro will take.

There is a large, open area for dogs that want to romp, but also a big enclosed bedroom for dogs with a sensitivity to fireworks. Inside is a 43-inch TV.

Mohika-Miyashiro is also inviting some human friends to join the canine clientele.

Another option for pet owners is to get tranquilizers for their animals from veterinarians.

Dr. Kerry Yoon said one client asked for a week's worth of tranquilizers for his dog because of all the fireworks being set before New Year's Eve.

“;A safe dose daily for days—that's no problem,”; Yoon said. “;It's up to owners to see if they react to fireworks.”;

Veterinary clinics also offer boarding.

Tammy Kubo, owner of Hawaii Pet Nanny, provides nannies who come to the home and help care for pets.

“;If the pet is on medication, we closely monitor them,”; she said. “;This is our busiest time of year—Christmas and New Year's.”;

She advises pet owners to make arrangements ahead of time. Her service has about 22 nannies in different neighborhoods.

“;If they (pets) react strangely to loud noises, it might mean staying home with the pets,”; she said.

Overnight nanny service starts at $75. Hourly rates are also available.

Call 536-1239 for Hawaii Pet Nanny. For K-9's & Kitty's, call 234-PAWS (7297).