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POSTED: Tuesday, December 22, 2009

B&B vote based on NIMBY spin

The City Council has failed Oahu residents once again by not passing Bill 7 after months of public hearings and hours of discussion. Surveys were commissioned to determine public support and although the vast majority of people—70 percent—support bed and breakfasts, Council members voted no. What happened to representing the public?

They seemed to be swayed by the spin of the Keep It Kailua NIMBYs, who have touted noise and traffic as their primary concerns for years. However, once the noise and traffic “;myth”; was blown out of the water by the lack of complaints filed over the years, they switched tactics by jumping on the “;residential zoning and mini hotel”; argument, which makes no sense. Rental use of a room is residential use. The Council was not considering changing the zoning whatsoever or allowing hotels; B&B owners live on their properties full time. B&Bs are residential.

The Council had the opportunity to resolve a festering issue. What a tragedy that it chose to leave things as they are.

Marie DeSandra


Health vote is major disgrace

“;The Price is Right”; or “;Let's Make a Deal”; symbolizes the U.S. Senate's early-morning vote to bring closure to the health care debate. The big winner in this beacon of democracy was Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, whose vote was bought off with a national bribe to pay all of Nebraska's future increased Medicaid. The Congressional Budget Office estimates this one vote cost the U.S. taxpayers $100 million. Wow!

While both parties have promised to eliminate the earmark process during the various campaigns, this bribe lowers the standards to a new unacceptable level, and frankly is a disgrace.

The next few weeks will be a significant period as both houses reconcile their outstanding positions on a bill that will affect one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Let's hope that they will listen to the populace, who according to Sunday's CNN poll indicates 56 percent of voters oppose the bill.

Let's also hope that Hawaii's Sens. Dan Inouye and Dan Akaka actually read the bill before voting on it.

Richard M. Smylie

Hawaii Kai

Too bad we let Jones get away

I think it's great that June Jones decided to bring his team to the Hawaii Bowl. He is a great coach and it's a shame we let him get away. We did what many schools do: hire the local favorite who bamboozled his students by being “;nice”; to them.

We don't need “;nice.”; We need a winner, who by definition is a good teacher. Did you ever perform for a teacher who was “;nice”;?

Again, thank goodness for June Jones. People might actually tune in on ESPN to a bowl game he made count; otherwise we will lose it.

In the meantime, the University of Hawaii should hire a consulting firm to find a competent coach. Pay the current guy off and wish him good luck in high school athletics.

Robert J. Conlan


Schools best way to honor vets

As a veteran, son and grandson of a veteran, I can say that the last thing this country needs is a monument to war.

Civilization begins when a group of people get together and decide how they can best live together in peace. So the best way to honor any veteran is with a school.

WWI Veterans University, Korean Conflict High School, etc., would ensure Americans will always be reminded of the sacrifices made by their countrymen.

Rico Leffanta






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