A hundred teachers may visit Hawaii: Big excursion planned from Southern California


POSTED: Sunday, December 20, 2009

That an excursion of about fifty or a hundred school teachers from Southern California is being planned is the latest bit of tourist news received by the Promotion Committee. It was contained in the following letter, which has already been answered by the Promotion Committee:

Dec. 4, 1907

Honolulu Promotion Committee, Honolulu T.H.

Gentlemen—We are considering a proposition to bring to Honolulu this coming summer, a party of from fifty to one hundred teachers, to make about a three weeks' excursion through Hawaii. If you can give me any suggestions with regard to the route most desirable for this proposition, the length of time necessary and the size and quality of hotel or boarding house accommodations along the line, I should be much obliged. Our party being composed almost entirely of teachers, we would of course require rates from steamship companies, stage companies, hotel and boarding house keepers, etc., that are at the very lowest figure. Our plan is a personally conducted excursion guaranteeing, for a set sum per capita, all expenses paid. If you can get figures to show the total net cost per capita for this three weeks' trip or if you can suggest a source from which we can get such information complete, it would aid us very much when forming our party as we cannot make any price to prospective excursionists until we can know the entire cost of the proposition. Our party will consist of not less than twenty-five, nor more than one hundred. If figures can be gotten for this maximum and this minimum number, the basis would be safe to figure upon.

Thanking you in advance for the favor requested, I am, Yours very truly,

F.J. Armstrong.