Palin shortens Maui vacation after fuss over 'McCain' visor


POSTED: Friday, December 18, 2009

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is cutting short her Maui vacation after she was photographed on the beach wearing a campaign visor with “;McCain”; blacked out, according to Politico.com.

The Web site reported Palin issued a statement last night apologizing if “;people took this silly incident the wrong way.”;

TMZ.com posted a photo of Palin with the blacked-out visor earlier this week. Palin was taking a break from her “;Going Rogue”; book tour.

“;In an attempt to 'go incognito,' I Sharpied the logo on my sun visor so photographers would be less likely to recognize me and bother my kids or other vacationers,”; Palin said in the

statement to Politico.com.

“;I adore John McCain, support him 100 percent and will do everything I can to support his reelection.”;

Palin continued, “;Todd and I have since cut our vacation short because the incognito attempts didn't work and fellow vacationers were bothered for the two days we spent in the sun.

So much for trying to go incognito.”;