Driver gets 10 years for fatal crash


POSTED: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A 24-year-old Mililani man who killed a teenage girl and permanently injured a young man in a one-car crash was sentenced to the maximum term of 10 years in prison.

Circuit Judge Karen Ahn sentenced Justin Amorin yesterday to two consecutive five-year terms for second-degree negligent homicide and second-degree assault.

“;Mr. Amorin is going to pay the price for being extraordinarily careless that night,”; Ahn said.

Deputy Prosecutor Sean Sanada said Amorin was racing at more than 100 mph in a 25-mph zone when his vehicle skidded and crashed into a tree.

The crash on Lanikuhana Avenue in Mililani on Feb. 23, 2007, killed passenger Gillian Badua, 17, and severely injured another passenger, Gavin Watson.

“;He had their lives in his hands, but he didn't care,”; Sanada said.

Badua's mother, Michaele, told the news media she was upset when a jury found Amorin guilty in October of second-degree negligent homicide, which carries a maximum five-year term.

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Justin Amorin was sentenced the maximum of 10 years for speeding and killing friend.

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Amorin was initially charged with manslaughter, carrying a mandatory 20-year term.

Badua said yesterday she was relieved that Amorin was sentenced to consecutive terms.

“;Justice was served,”; she said, surrounded by family and friends outside the courtroom. “;You hear this, Gill? We miss you.”;

Badua said she hoped the sentencing served as a lesson for people to refrain from speeding.

During the sentencing hearing, Badua and other family members described the sorrow and loss of Gillian and the failure of the defendant to apologize for his conduct.


“;You're such a coward. ... I don't think you're remorseful. ... I feel you are still irresponsible and immature,”; Badua said. “;You caused the death of my daughter.”;

Gillian's grandmother Patricia Kalima said her life is shattered because of the fatal accident.

“;It just hurts. ... She's my baby, and now I'll never hear her anymore,”; she said.

Watson's mother, Marcy Ching, told the court she felt Amorin's 10-year sentence is not enough.

Watson, 19, suffers from memory loss, partial paralysis and cognitive impairment, according to the family and Sanada.

Ching said her son is disabled for the rest of his life.

Before his sentencing, Amorin said Gillian Badua and Watson were his best friends and that he wanted to apologize but had been advised by his attorney and family to say nothing.

The trial of Bernard DeCoito Jr., facing manslaughter and second-degree assault charges for allegedly racing with Amorin, is scheduled for March.