A run for the ages


POSTED: Monday, December 14, 2009

The Honolulu Marathon tested one competitor's resolve to keep a 37-year tradition alive yesterday while giving another an opportunity to reassess her goals.

Gordon Dugan, 76, completed the 26.2-mile event yesterday in 8 hours, 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

It was his slowest finish ever, but it kept him among an elite trio of competitors to have completed all 37 races since the Honolulu Marathon's inception in 1973.

Gladys “;Glady”; Burrill, 91, abandoned the race after mile 17. This was her second attempt to break the marathon record for her age group, and she said yesterday it was her last.

“;I'll just find something else that I want to do.,”; she said. “;But I'll keep on walking and training and keeping in condition.”;

Burrill was trying to complete the marathon under 8 hours, 53 minutes and 8 seconds.

She knew she'd need to refuel during the race. So during her training sessions, she consumed energy gels with no ill effect.

On race day, Burrill downed a gel packet every 20 minutes with a water chaser. In between she ate some cheese crackers.

By mile eight she said she felt her stomach going bad.

“;But I tried to ignore it,”; she said.

As the miles progressed the feeling got worse.

“;I felt like vomiting,”; Burrill said.

The discomfort was slowing her down, and she knew she had to stop.

“;At first I felt bad letting everybody down.”;

She said people who recognized her on the race course had been encouraging and cheering her on. But she realized she could pursue other dreams.

“;This was something I thought I had to do. And when I decided to quit, I was happy,”; she said.

Burrill was well ahead of record pace when she abandoned the race last year at the 24th mile, also due to stomach problems.

Dugan, for his part, wasn't sure what to expect in this year's race because he broke a bone in his right ankle in May, and the injury hasn't completely healed. He wasn't able to do much training as a result.

He said he struggled to complete six miles with a cane in training. Canes and walking sticks are prohibited on race day.

He decided to do the race after his cardiologist gave him the green light and his orthopedist didn't advise against it, though he thought it might be too painful.

“;My family wasn't too tickled about it,”; Dugan said.

He took ibuprofen for the mild pain. However, he did wear down the protective walking boot he wore on his right foot.

Dugan said he raced in previous years because it made him feel good that he could complete a marathon.

This year it was all about “;keeping the string going,”; he said.

In 1985 Dugan said the people who had competed in every Honolulu Marathon started a pool, kicking in $10 every year until there was just one person left. At that time, he said, there were 13 of them. He said he stopped contributing after he noticed his last check went un-cashed, about the time Dr. Hing Hua “;Hunky”; Chun died in 2002.

Chun had competed in 25 marathons; his son Jerold is one of the other “;Final Few”; who has completed all 37. The third person is Gary Dill.

It's uncertain where and how much the pool money is today.





Japanese runner is last to finish

        One of the nice things about the Honolulu Marathon is that race officials wait until all the runners finish and credit them with a time. Totaro Ito of Iseshi, Japan, is glad they do.

The 77-year-old did not set any records after his time of 14 hours, 20 minutes, 4 seconds was officially recorded, making him the last one to cross the finish line long after the sun had set on Kapiolani Park.


Of the 23,469 who entered the 26.2-mile run, 20,609 showed up yesterday morning to compete in the race, and 20,321 finished it.


“;We always have a high number of people complete this race,”; Honolulu Marathon spokesman Pat Bigold said last night. “;Not all of the marathons wait until the last person finishes, but we do. We also give certificates and their time for each person who crosses the finish line.”;


Star-Bulletin staff







Name AgeCityTime
1Brandon Laan26Honolulu2:25:41
2Steve Slaby28Aiea2:31:23
3David Easa35Honolulu2:44:23
4Andrew Taylor30Kaneohe2:46:16
5Takahiro Oue34Honolulu2:46:25
6John Mozer33Aiea2:47:28
7Marty Muchow44Mililani2:48:19
8Conor Lucas-Roberts27Kaneohe2:48:52
9Jonathan Lyau45Honolulu2:49:14
10Josiah Badger27Wahiawa2:54:18
11Pete Boksanski40Kapolei2:54:25
12Lyman Perry42Volcano2:57:24
13Raymond Kuderka25Ewa Beach2:58:16
14Christopher Guarino26Kailua2:57:43
15Aaron Wallen38Honolulu3:01:33
16Karl Honma46Honolulu3:01:57
17John Mannle41Kailua3:03:57
18Masato Ariga21Honolulu3:02:26
19Herman Rafol48Kona3:02:54
20David Carlsson45Honolulu3:03:39
21Paul Hopwood46Makawao3:04:16
22Gregory Kugle42Kailua3:06:08
23Michael Georgi57Honolulu3:05:36
24Robert Plotts34Honolulu3:05:44
25Mark Shorter53Honolulu3:05:52
26Micheal St Hilaire38Honolulu3:07:15
27Dan O'Connor24Honolulu3:07:07
28Ralph Schultz46Ewa Beach3:07:13
29William Turner40Honolulu3:07:19
30Shankar Tillotson25Kaneohe3:07:26
31Kevin Murphy41Honolulu3:07:42
32Raul Torres De Sa45Honolulu3:09:04
33Ryan Gillia28Honolulu3:08:31
34Benjamin Mathewson26Schofield3:10:57
35Geoff Whitener16Kona3:09:53
36John Campbell26Kapolei3:09:22
37Michael Walker48Honolulu3:09:46
38Benjamin Elliott25Wahiawa3:13:20
39Jessica Tranchina32Honolulu3:12:30
40Pedro Padilla30Honolulu3:13:11
41David Taratko46Honolulu3:13:19
42Shawn Hirose27Ewa Beach3:13:58
43Sara Verga29Honolulu3:13:59
44Randy Taniguchi44Honolulu3:14:19
45Jay Kauwale49Kaneohe3:14:17
46Amit Bhavsar37Kailua3:14:48
47Jon Taketa38Mililani3:14:35
48Miguel Mejia36Honolulu3:15:13
49Alan Tsuhako44Kaneohe3:14:48
50Jon Jokiel44Kona3:14:39
51Harrison Kiehm45Honolulu3:15:38
52Rani Tanimoto34Kealakekoa3:15:38
53Gaston Ly28Honolulu3:15:42
54Matthew Concepcion23Kealakekua3:18:19
55Michael Hrynevych45Kamuela3:16:38
56Justin Hadley39Kapolei3:17:36
57Jeffrey White47Mililani3:18:01
58Domonkos Feher31Honolulu3:17:42
59Jose Rodriguez37Mililani3:18:14
60David Miller36Honolulu3:18:33
61Nicholas Trelawney32Honolulu3:19:18
62Eugene Tschudy45Aiea3:19:14
63James Keen40Honolulu3:19:41
64Reed Okamura42Aiea3:19:39
65William Gardner40Waianae3:19:33
66Jorge Cuadros42Ewa Beach3:21:15
67Troy Denunzio45Kailua3:20:27
68Jonathan Knoedler38Ewa Beach3:21:26
69Michael D Krisman33Aiea3:20:49
70Albert Su40Mililani3:20:22
71Gregorio Maldini44Honolulu3:21:10
72Pascual Bacor30Hilo3:20:44
73Nguyen Le40Honolulu3:20:48
74Ron Pate63Honolulu3:20:41
75Brian Rower40Waipahu3:21:57
76Alan Ryan39Laupahoehoe3:21:27
77Matthew Myers33Kaneohe3:22:21
78Rafael Rodriguez Jr42Honolulu3:21:47
79Daniel J Flynn27Waialua3:23:50
80Anthony Perrault34Kailua3:22:55
81Thomas J Grady36Kailua3:22:37
82Timothy Beebe27Honolulu3:23:04
83Carlos Fuentes56Waikoloa3:23:20
84Scott Loos26Honolulu3:25:00
85Brian Ehrhardt28Kapolei3:25:32
86Edward Bugarin59Honolulu3:24:25
87Joanna Bilancieri36Honolulu3:23:48
88Johnny Landeza46Aiea3:23:52
89Jason Oliver35Honolulu3:24:08
90Kyle Bair29Kapolei3:26:41
91Zack Reeves29Kaneohe3:25:43
92Jeff Haring36Honolulu3:24:47
93James Woodhull53Honolulu3:24:53
94David Webb29Waialua3:29:23
95Kimberly McLean33Honolulu3:25:09
96Eric Ruuhela32Honolulu3:26:58
97Steven Schirtzinger20Kaneohe3:25:56
98Joshua Bicondova36Kaneohe3:25:40
99Harald Ebeling46Honolulu3:26:17
100Norihiro Tanabe36Honolulu3:26:04
101Jessica Mowder24Honolulu3:28:10
102Jay Paul-Paz44Kailua3:26:53
103Odeelo Dayondon26Honolulu3:27:43
104Felipe Rael41Kapolei3:27:39
105Daniel Lennox24Waialua3:29:07
106Tommy Nguyen24Honolulu3:29:07
107Daniel Hwang25Honolulu3:29:07
108Lindsey Dymond27Honolulu3:30:48
109Jeffrey Fong37Honolulu3:27:43
110Toyoko Maeda62Honolulu3:28:05
111Freddy Halmes45Honolulu3:27:55
112Todd Tamanaha47Honolulu3:28:14
113Makoto Yamada28Honolulu3:46:32
114Ian Forsyth36Honolulu3:28:29
115Barbara H Forsyth34Honolulu3:28:29
116Tobin McKearin33Honolulu3:28:27
117David Turpin30Pearl City3:29:18
118Grant Gomes33Mililani3:29:01
119Sharon Moran36Honolulu3:29:31
120Hideyuki Yamazaki46Honolulu3:30:42
121Michael Dega43Honolulu3:28:54
122Patricia Havey26Honolulu3:28:40
123Chad Mueller33Honolulu3:32:22
124Seleena Harkness29Honolulu3:31:47
125Alec Eror48Kailua3:29:26
126Karl Kisch42Ewa Beach3:31:22
127Walter Piatt48Waawa3:31:33
128Ray Charron63Kapaa3:30:07
129Doug Rosaaen28Honolulu3:30:28
130Nicholas Haseman28Kailua3:32:13
131Nathan Patla31Honolulu3:32:00
132Mel Vigilla44Keaau3:31:54
133Lia Bosch46Honolulu3:31:26
134Daniel Luers37Honolulu3:32:55
135Doug Rasmussen54Koloa3:31:14
136Chris Bluhm29Kahuku3:33:41
137Kai Yoshioka17Honolulu3:35:05
138Akemi Ueda31Honolulu3:32:05
139Mark Admiral45Honolulu3:32:11
140William Byrns52Honolulu3:32:04
141Davin Pascual33Honolulu3:33:29
142Elmer Manuel48Honolulu3:33:29
143Todd McCaffrey46Waawa3:32:25
144Keala Ramos32Waawa3:37:45
145Jessica Vivers25Haleiwa3:33:46
146Mark Baker53Kailua3:33:12
147Christopher Demo26Haleiwa3:38:01
148Joshua Lauiolette25Kaneohe3:33:49
149Pablo Jr Cercenia28Waipahu3:34:04
150Nicholas Stavros31Kapolei3:35:10
151Dorian Valenzuela30Honolulu3:36:20
152Calvin Shiroma50Honolulu3:33:42
153Joel Warkentin Jr39Honolulu3:34:23
154Ryan Murphy30Honolulu3:34:40
155Steve Traverso24Kaneohe3:38:24
156Kevin Kong47Aiea3:34:47
157Kristen Campbell27Kapolei3:34:44
158Tammy Bautista30Honolulu3:34:34
159Sharon Carbone43Pukalani3:52:28
160David Tashima38Honolulu3:35:37
161Michael Donabedian40Waipahu3:35:52
162Theodore Mura30Honolulu3:36:08
163John O Culver35Honolulu3:35:41
164Anson Quach48Honolulu3:35:35
165Nathan Angel26Honolulu3:35:43
166Jeffery Nakasone53Mililani3:35:18
167Eric Sugiyama42Honolulu3:39:26
168Arturo Robledo Jr54Aiea3:35:33
169Koichiro Togo51Honolulu3:35:40
170Michael Garcia26Honolulu3:41:38
171Michael Miller43Honolulu3:36:36
172Samuel Brown37Kona3:37:20
173Greg Kodama29Honolulu3:38:12
174Karen Finnerty27Kapolei3:38:32
175Rebecca Williams29Honolulu3:36:43
176Kevin Shimmon26Kailua3:38:3
177Henrik Van Ryzin37Kailua3:38:44
178Burt Senas36Honolulu3:37:30
179Sean Ouimet27Honolulu3:37:39
180Steven Sigloch39Waipahu3:37:10
181Zachary Diionno26Haleiwa3:37:35
182Efraim Manzano43Honolulu3:37:30
183Bryant Zane39Honolulu3:37:43
184Clifford Lau55Honolulu3:37:14
185Brian Whitehouse43Pearl City3:37:06
186Cliff Tillotson53Kaneohe3:40:23
187Roger Matherson34Honolulu3:43:23
188Damien Lorentz33Honolulu3:38:42
189Joshua Powell38Honolulu3:39:10
190Heather McGee39Honolulu3:39:05
191Daniel Long24Honolulu3:40:29
192Steven Pavao52Hilo3:39:02
193Tristan Obluck25Mililani3:42:06
194Troy Keipper32Honolulu3:39:21
195Pat Phung40Honolulu3:39:49
196Akira Himi35Kailua3:41:00
197Glenn Garbeil47Kailua3:39:54
198Paul Furumo22Hilo3:40:51
199Sterling Yazzie22Wahiawa3:40:43
200Wheeler Dawkins27Honolulu3:41:33
201Michael Makrucki27Aiea3:40:59
202Mark Essenberg44Honolulu3:40:37
203Wilfredo Duran37Kona3:41:06
204Lily Cheung57Honolulu3:40:44
205Kyle B Greer23Haleiwa3:43:59
206Toshiaki Matsuura45Honolulu3:41:43
207Jay Glickman25Honolulu3:43:26
208Sam Whitehurst43Wahiawa3:42:23
209Mihoko Ide36Honolulu3:40:57
210Mie Kasuga34Honolulu3:40:57
211Delbert Corbin33Ewa Beach3:42:33
212David Youtt39Aiea3:41:49
213Justin Corbett25Honolulu3:49:33
214Jason Nixon46Kamuela3:42:00
215Daniel Kunkel48Honolulu3:41:21
216Nick Muragin41Ninole3:42:2
217Nicholas Blair27Honolulu3:42:58
218David Snodgrass44Wahiawa3:45:10
219Eric Chong36Honolulu3:42:33
220Glen Yokotake45Waimea3:42:00
221Craig Jerome35Honolulu3:43:43
222John Huntington48Honolulu3:42:30
223Andrew Deutscher35Honolulu3:42:39
224Teresa Sanchezarias28Alea3:42:13
225James Krischke36Kaneohe3:48:29
226Lory Walker31Honolulu3:42:08
227Sally Marrack39Hilo3:42:36
228Beth Damon40Honolulu3:42:24
229Donnell Bowen29Ewa Beach3:42:42
230Ryan Cuskaden35Honolulu3:43:04
231Tiffany Hill30Kailua3:44:27
232Michael Tuddenham26Honolulu3:44:28
233Ronald Cournoyer44Honolulu3:43:13
234Matthew Fuller43Honolulu3:42:42
235Pete Langlois34Honolulu3:43:19
236Michael Wooten32Waialua3:43:57
237Coswin Saito52Honolulu3:43:18
238Tatsuya Koyama48Honolulu3:43:10
239Chad Uyehara34Honolulu3:44:16
240Jim Ragual40Kona3:44:21
241Gary Asato47Kailua3:45:30
242Ken Watts50Kailua3:43:36
243Amanda Toperoff35Honolulu3:43:29
244Wayne Kimoto56Honolulu3:45:38
245Rosemary Spraker45Honolulu3:44:06
246Nita Patel43Mililani3:43:48
247Doug Andrews36Kona3:45:43
248Cleve Shaw36Ewa Beach3:46:14
249Wakaba Stephens42Honolulu3:44:22
250Douglas Holt28Mililani3:54:59
251Satomi Turner44Kapolei3:44:54
252Wing Ho30Honolulu3:44:18
253Mark Hayes47Waipahu3:47:46
254Ricks Polk53Honolulu3:44:34
255Mallory Moye25Honolulu3:46:43
256Katsumi Shibaoka35Honolulu3:45:22
257Kelly Vandenberg27Honolulu3:45:03
258Elmer Balais37Honolulu3:45:16
259Scott Morioka34Honolulu3:45:52
260Richard Klobuchar29Honolulu3:45:54
261Jim Stern57Honolulu3:48:24
262Christopher Elliott34Kailua3:50:16
263 Hirokazu Toiya28Honolulu3:45:38
264Patrick Kelly45Honolulu3:46:27
265Kiyomi Shimizu33Aiea3:46:38
266Timothy Busby30Kapolei3:48:21
267Merlin Ohmer54Honolulu3:47:22
268Keith Anderson33Honolulu3:49:05
269Marcus Misinec37Ewa Beach4:03:28
270Georgina Pulman-Olzaski44Haleiwa3:46:44
271Amy Harpstrite44Kailua3:46:01
272Jason Densley38Honolulu3:48:06
273Charles Dias30Ewa Beach3:46:45
274Kent Reisdorff42Honolulu3:46:56
275Kentaro Ito29Kapolei3:46:48
276Frederick Mark62Honolulu3:46:54
277Bryson Manuel23Volcano3:47:26
278Gregory Meyers34Lihue3:49:57
279Lloyd Gaddis34Aiea3:48:00
280Larry Rigdon39Honolulu3:48:33
281Kyle Gregg24Honolulu3:48:20