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POSTED: Sunday, December 13, 2009

GOP did nothing to fix health care

There are citizens of our nation who die due to lack of proper health care in a timely fashion now.

If the Republicans were of a mind to help uninsured citizens, they would have done something when they had full control of Congress. They did nothing.

We have a chance to begin helping everyone now. Get the job done now and vote for health care for all with a single-payer system, so the playing field can reach “;we the people.”;

Marla Hunter


Live and let live best B&B policy

I've been following the bed and breakfast debate on these pages, and I'd like to give the perspective of a libertarian and a believer in free markets.

People should be free to do whatever they want with their private property so long as they don't harm their neighbors. If all the residents around my house in Kailua want to create bed and breakfasts, thus increasing their income and providing a valuable service to others, they have my blessing. I'm all for people creating value like that, and bettering their lives.

If someone harms their neighbors by perpetually renting to loud, inconsiderate people who cause too much noise or garbage or other pollution, and fail to enforce a reasonable level of civility from their guests, fine, yank that individual's license to run a B&B. But don't punish everyone else.

And, if someone wants to freeze time and preserve Kailua the way it was when it was full of cow pastures and horses—well, your property is worth a lot more now that it is developed. Sell it and move to a much bigger, cheaper rural property quiet enough for you—say, on the Big Island or Molokai. But don't try to foist your desires for a rural property onto your neighbors by telling them how to manage their own property and live their lives.

Jim Henshaw


Use public lands to help homeless

All over our country there are real problems with where to let people without homes live. Some cities are setting aside public lands for tent cities, with restrooms, showers, trash pickup, security, community kitchens, mobile medical vans and social help. Sure beats the streets. With all the budget cuts, no more costly shelters are going to be built. This could be a real solution for now. Please call, write or e-mail Mr. Mayor and Ms. Governor—and let's get to work and help these poor people.

David B. Cannell






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