Escapee's records unsealed with hopes they will aid search


POSTED: Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Maui judge granted a Health Department request to allow Honolulu police to see the medical records of an accused child molester who escaped from the State Hospital Dec. 3.

Honolulu police want to see David True Seal's hospital records to look for names of relatives or friends or other information that might lead to his capture, said Deputy Attorney General Dudley Akama.

Seal, 30, scaled a 14-foot wire mesh fence Dec. 3. He was committed by the court to the Kaneohe hospital in 2002 after his acquittal by reason of insanity of the kidnapping and attempted sexual assault of girls under age 10.

; Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza denied the Health Department's request Thursday to allow the involuntary administering of drugs to Seal since he was not present for the hearing. The judge agreed to an emergency hearing if Seal is found.

A doctor said in court papers that Seal had become increasingly assaultive and aggressive and tried to escape twice before. Seal, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, stopped taking anti-psychotic drugs and has displayed psychotic symptoms of paranoia, suspiciousness, disorganized thinking and grandiose thinking, a hospital doctor said.

Seal's private attorney, Steven Songstad, argued that he did not know how having access to Seal's confidential medical files would help police.

A police spokeswoman said the search for Seal is ongoing, and did not have information concerning any updates on the search or whether the records assisted police in any way.

Yesterday, Akama provided a photo of Seal taken last month but said he had changed his appearance by shaving his head bald and growing facial hair.