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POSTED: Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ignorant officials gut film office

Two weeks ago, layoffs began at the Hawaii Film Office; this week, highly respected film commissioner Donne Dawson will be laid off. How sad that this efficient government agency is being gutted by an administration that doesn't understand what it takes to foster the film industry.

I worked for 15 years in the film office with two great film commissioners serving under supportive administrations, making big strides in building Hawaii's film industry. Since the current administration came to power, the film office has been subjected to political maneuvers that consistently reduced its funding and staff.

Filmmaking is one of Hawaii's most important industries. With Hawaii's economy in decline, you have to wonder: What the heck is the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism doing? Downgrading the office and transferring its duties to other state workers who have no experience with the film industry is a formula for catastrophe. The successful industry that began with “;Hawaii Five-O”; may soon be lost.

Sharon Clark

Novato, Calif. (formerly of Nuuanu)


Obama buys into Bush doctrine

President gets elected, moves in and drinks the water — and becomes a clone of the previous occupant, pursuing the same disastrous policies.

President Barack Obama is a case in point. The announcement of his plan to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and to escalate the war there — in the name of supposedly ending it sooner — is double- speak and doubly wrong.

Obama, in explaining his decision, has apparently decided to continue the misguided and illegal Bush doctrine of preemptive war by asserting the U.S. has the right to make war anywhere to prevent a possible future “;terrorist”; threat.

Where is the change we voted for — and that Obama promised? His decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan will waste billions more and continue the cycle of death, hatred and destruction. This will become Obama's war and will doom the possibility of any real change. We need to speak out and mobilize to bring the senseless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to an earlier end than is envisioned by Obama, his misadvisers and the Pentagon brass.

John Witeck



Teachers deserve something back

I am not a teacher, but I find it unfair that people are suggesting that teachers be “;noble”; and work their Fridays for free (”;Teachers urged to teach for free,”; Star-Bulletin, Letters, Nov. 28). I don't know of anyone in another business who would work without compensation for 17 days to be considered “;noble.”; Volunteer work is one thing; your profession or job is something different. Like all other working people, teachers have bills to pay.

The public donated generously to save sports programs in the public schools. Why don't we have that same enthusiasm for saving education? Perhaps we should offer teachers something in exchange for working those 17 days without pay. Financial institutions could cut interest rates on teachers' loans or credit cards. Grocers could give a 5 percent discount on food. Utility companies could offer discounts. Gas stations could give discounts.

Nawelo Villa



Efforts to hurt police intolerable

With regards to the three shootings recently by Honolulu police, I say mahalo to those out there protecting our citizens, day and night, risking their lives and their families for us. The alleged scum who try to kill or otherwise maim our officers have no right to expect anything but a bullet.

Joseph Alexander





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