Automated trash pickup postponed on 2 holidays


POSTED: Wednesday, December 02, 2009

QUESTION: I live in Pearl City, where we now have weekly trash pickup on Fridays, with bulky pickup and recyclables on alternate Tuesdays. Since Christmas and New Year's will fall on consecutive Fridays, we won't have any trash pickups for two weeks in a row. I know we will have an overwhelming amount of smelly trash. Can the city consider trash pickup on the Tuesday after Christmas, instead of the scheduled recyclable pickup for just this one time?

ANSWER: The city already has scheduled trash pickup for either the Saturday or Monday after Christmas and New Year's for neighborhoods on the automated three-cart system, if their regular trash collection falls on those holidays.

You are asked to leave the gray cart at the curb until it is serviced, said Markus Owens, spokesman for the city Department of Environmental Services.

However, if a recycling day falls on those holidays this year, you are advised that that missed recycling pickup will not be made up.

“;Please hold mixed recyclables and green waste for the next scheduled pickup,”; Owens said.

Meanwhile, he said, bulky item collection will continue on the days following the two holidays.

“;Since bulky pickup is conducted over a three- to four-day period in each sector, the collection crews will make up the holiday on the other days,”; Owens said.

For those still on a manual collection route whose scheduled pickup falls on the two holidays, you are asked to hold your items for the next scheduled collection day, Owens said.

Christmas and New Year's are the only days the city does not provide trash collection.

Q: Does the Honolulu Police Department have a written policy for flagrant noise complaint offenders? I live in Kamehameha Heights near a residence where parties are held almost every weekend, sometimes ending at 3 or 4 a.m. Many of the partygoers step outside, talking loudly in the driveway, sometimes using profane language. I have called 911 to report the noise more than 10 times the past two years. HPD has sent officers very quickly, and I really appreciate the quick response. It is only after an officer talks to a family member that the noise level goes down. I feel that having to call 911 so often for the same reason is a waste of HPD's valuable resources, which could be used for more important and urgent matters. Is there anything else we can do about this?

A: The word from HPD, for now, is for you to continue to call 911 when necessary.

However, your complaint, with your neighbors' address, has been forwarded to the community policing team in your District 5.

“;The team does outreach work and will contact and try to work with the noisy neighbors,”; said HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu.



To the driver of the Toyota Tacoma truck who nearly caused an accident at the entrance to the Kahala Zippy's at around 10 a.m. Thanksgiving Day. After turning into the lot and seeing that it was busy, you backed your truck into oncoming traffic, knowing full well there were three cars behind you. You almost backed into the driver behind you, demanding that the driver get out of your way as you dangerously reversed onto the road, then almost hit the driver in the oncoming lane. Shame on you! Your lack of aloha for those around you is disturbing. — Terrified Motorist in Kahala


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