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POSTED: Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Golfer's question

What inquiring minds really want to know ......

So exactly what golf club was it that Tiger Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, swung to smash both rear windows of his SUV—according to her statement to free him from the locked Cadillac Escapade?

The logical choice would have been a bulky-head putter, most likely to have a steel, rather than graphite, shaft.

But chances are she acted quickly out of instinct—so chose a hybrid, aka rescue club.

Will we ever know?

Knock on wood

Counting our weather blessings

Whew, dodged another one. Hurricane season, that is, and 2009's has ended with no major storms. Those who felt the devastation to Hawaii by Hurricane Iniki in 1992, and Iwa in 1982, know how much a blessing a quiet season truly is. All that makes the current breezy conditions—which knocked out power to a few areas Sunday night—quite bearable. Still, keep those blankets near: Night temperatures are forecast to dip into the 60s this week.

NCAA slight

Rainbow Wahine feel Rodney Dangerfield's pain

Quantity of wins? Check. Quality of victories? Check. Disrespected again? Check.

The University of Hawaii Wahine volleyball team just can't get a break—no matter how hard-earned—from the NCAA tourney people.

Despite a strong season (28-2), the UH team is seeded a disappointing 12th heading into the tournament and, for the sixth straight year, opens postseason play on the road. The Wahine take on New Mexico Friday at unseeded USC.

Frustration and disbelief will be difficult to get past. Still, fans will be rooting big-time for the Wahine, feeling every ace and spike as a blow through the NCAA's gaping hole of logic.