Welcome to the neighborhood | Makiki / Tantalus


POSTED: Saturday, November 28, 2009

We are a nice residential neighborhood close to downtown and Waikiki. We have two kinds of residents: young couples in condominiums and established families in single-family residences. Many younger families move to West Oahu for their first homes and return to Makiki when they are successful. Parks and accessible transportation add to the quality of life. Makiki is close to the Tantalus recreation trails. The neighborhood board has been active for 30 years and is a forum for discussions.

Construction and traffic in the area a constant concern





        1: Parking and traffic.

        2: Noise.

        3: Litter and graffiti.

        4: New construction interfering with existing views.

        5: Crime.

Here are highlights of area concerns, courtesy of Board Chairman John Steelquist in the Spring 2009 newsletter:

Only one major construction project is in progress and two are planned. The medical office building on the corner of Keeaumoku and Beretania streets is reaching its full height and will be finishing out the rest of the year.

Construction plans for the Catholic Charities site at the corner of Nehoa and Keeaumoku streets have been reviewed by the board and public. Most of the construction will not be visible from outside.

Construction noise, traffic and dust have been addressed, though building will not start this year.

The Holomua Project at the top of Kalakaua Avenue was vigorously opposed by the immediate neighbors, but plan review is continuing by the city.








        John Steelquist

Vice chairman

        Charles H. Carole


        Philip C. Hauret


Martin Schiller


        John Bigay, Diane L.H. Chong, Alika Kalani Smith, Edmund Wong, Allan Lee, Eloise Lee, Sam Mitchell, Mike Sarrazin, Ronald Cannarella, Richard Kawano, Chris Lee and Susan Lai Young

Get involved: Meetings are at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month in Makiki District Park's arts and crafts room. See www.honolulu.gov/nco/members.htm#nb10

The Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project has been discussed often by the board, but opinions are split. No position has been taken.

On the other hand, the board strongly favors a better solution for the Vineyard offramp situation. Efforts to create convenience for cars passing through Makiki have caused more traffic in Makiki during morning rush hour. A bill in the Legislature proposes a study to find a solution. A different offramp would be expensive. Spencer Street and Wilder Avenue intersections will be modified to aid pedestrians and improve visibility for drivers. A Ward Avenue widening project above Beretania was dropped by planners.

Graffiti, illegal dumping and bulky item pick-up are continuing problems. Noise also seems to be a problem without resolution. “;Roosters in Makiki”; has been an off-and-on problem with continuing action by city and state departments.

Racing, dangerous drivers and noise on Tantalus/Round Top has been a police focus with some results. Contemporary Museum programs continue, but construction plans are on hold at this time.


» President Barack Obama was born in the area's Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, and grew up in Makiki. He graduated from nearby Punahou School.

» Major roadways here include Punahou Street, Pensacola Street, Piikoi Street, Nehoa Street and Wilder Avenue.



The Contemporary Museum » The ornate entryway to The Contemporary Museum, a gem in the community, is shown here.

Roosevelt High School » The distinctive campus of one of Hawaii's oldest public middle schools includes its landmark domed bell tower fashioned in the Spanish mission architectural style.