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POSTED: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Governor misses fact of the matter

The governor displays a lack of knowledge on the process of government. She announces a solution to furloughs without acknowledging that the Hawaii State Teachers Association must look at it and give back further rights that they had bargained for. She neglects the fact that there is a contract that provides these rights in effect. She neglects the fact that the Hawaii Government Employees Association has a contract that remains with furloughs and there is no contract with the United Public Workers. She neglects the fact that what she proposes does not solve the problem.

It seems that members of the Republican Party are more concerned with the governor's office than public education. They are more concerned with announcing who is to blame if it fails than with solving the problem.

Egan Kawamoto
Ewa Beach

Creating jobs is job No. 1

Good legislation is created by knowing the issues that confront us. This means lawmakers have to read a lot and listen to all sides of an issue before making any decisions. Most of our elected officials seem to feel the best way to solve our current problems is to raise taxes, lay off employees and raid special funds. I haven't heard any of our state or county administrators offering any new solutions to help create jobs for the unemployed.

In the past, Gov. George Ariyoshi wanted to created jobs on the neighbor islands so we could move our local people throughout the state to where the jobs existed. Former Gov. John Waihee commissioned a report that concluded our state should build and concentrate growth in the “;Second City”; and invest in sports infrastructure.

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano took the bull by the horns when first elected and cut costs in many areas. He also brought together a blue ribbon committee to see what could be done to turn the state around as the economy was in a slump at the time. Everything was to be on the table for consideration. However, one by one, possibilities were taken off the table. The governor moved forward as best he could; it took guts for him to do what he did.

Today we need new solutions once again. I haven't heard either state or county administrations today saying that they will ask or put in bills to fast-track legislation to rezone or expedite permits. Yet, we are hearing that lawmakers want to do one thing or another that a particular law prohibits. Obviously, we need to change some laws. Raising taxes and/or laying off people is not a solution to the problems; providing jobs is the solution and we need to move on that now.

Whitney I. Anderson


B&B opponents fervent as ever

I agree with Robert Retherford (”;B&B bill worse than ever,”; Star-Bulletin, Letters, Nov. 3). We do have a case of deja vu in 2009, 20 years after the heated B&B debate in 1989. There are still many of the same people opposed to vacation rentals now as there were then and they are fighting as fervently as ever against B&Bs. However, the difference today is that with the Internet, people are better informed and educated on the issue.

In the last 20 years, the opponents to B&Bs have been taking enforcement action into their own hands. Some who oppose have turned in depositions about suspected B&B activity for homes not even on their own street. Threatening letters were sent out to homeowners in Lanikai regarding unpermitted rental activity. People held up signs at the entrance of Kailua one day that said, “;Tourists Go Home.”; If you attend a public hearing regarding B&Bs, you will witness how the opposition's arguments are not based on facts.

Sandy Arterburn

Hawaii Kai





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