Developing An Air Fleet


POSTED: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Included in the plans for aviation development in the navy are two high-power seaplanes of very large cargo capacity, and with a cruising radius of more that 2000 miles.

This announcement, together with plans for high-speed long-distance cruising planes able to carry a considerable supply of bombs, indicates the probability of a real “;air fleet”; for Uncle Sam.

Such a fleet, with it's base on Oahu, say, could proceed far to sea, scouting for hostile craft, and attack them when found. It could be days, fueling at sea from carriers. It would make Hawaii an even more effective screen for the Pacific coast than Hawaii is today.

The Panama Canal could likewise be protected against enemy raids. No fleet of vessels would be likely to attempt to force an entrance at Panama if an American air fleet of high offensive power were loose in the vicinity.

The navy department has announced that the two big cargo-carriers mentioned above will be constructed in a Philadelphia shipyard, and apparently the planes are already well under way. The planes may be completed by next spring.