Dim lights to help shearwaters


POSTED: Saturday, November 28, 2009
This story has been corrected.  See below.

State officials are urging Honolulu residents, especially in Windward Oahu, to keep outdoor lights to a minimum to increase the odds for survival for wedge-tailed shearwater chicks.

The inexperienced, juvenile birds can become disoriented and attracted to lights on shore and collide with poles, wires and buildings instead of following the moonlight out to sea, according to the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

“;Local businesses and homeowners can make a significant positive impact on the lives of Hawaii's native seabirds by taking these simple and focused steps to manage outdoor lighting up through Dec. 15,”; said Laura Thielen, chairwoman of the state Land Board. “;This will also help reduce electricity costs and save energy.”;

Thielen said outdoor lights should be kept to a minimum and close to the ground. Lights should face downward.

She also recommends:

» Replacing bare spotlights, floodlights and unshielded lights with seabird-friendly lighting styles (including nonwhite or lower-wattage lamps).
» Placing floodlights and security lights on motion detectors.
» Shielding outdoor lights with glare-reducing shields.
» Closing curtains and blinds at night to help reduce overall glow and glare.
Anyone finding a fallen or injured seabird is asked call or take the bird to Sea Life Park (259-7933).







The correct Sea Life park number to call if you find an injured or fallen sea bird is (259-7933). Originally, this story had an incorrect number.