Pictures of alleged drunken drivers posted on Web site


POSTED: Thursday, November 26, 2009

In a 24-hour period ending this morning, the names and photographs of 56 people arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Honolulu last week were posted on the Internet on the Police Department Web site.

Yesterday was the first day of a pilot project aimed at embarrassing people to discourage drunken driving.

The first group posted on the Honolulu Police Department Web site consisted of 29 people arrested for driving under the influence, 26 people arrested for high intoxication or having a blood alcohol level allegedly over 0.15, and one person who was under 21 years old and under the influence of alcohol.

The names and pictures were to be taken down today and new names and mug shots to be posted for 24 hours every Wednesday.

There was no information on where the drivers were arrested, and five mug shots were missing. The arrests occurred through Saturday.

Police spokesman Maj. Clayton Kau said the information can only be seen on PC-based Internet Explorer Web browsers, and the department is working to make it available for Mac users.

Criminal defense attorneys have criticized the new policy and say it may be unconstitutional and infringe on a person's right to a fair trial.

But police say if the program is effective at deterring drunken driving, they will continue the postings and may expand it to other crimes.

Last year, Honolulu police arrested 4,315 drivers for driving under the influence. Police said drunken or drug-impaired drivers were responsible for 20 deaths in traffic accidents in 2008.

The Web page can be accessed at www.honolulupd.org.