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POSTED: Thursday, November 26, 2009


Pass the Tofurky, please

What's Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey?

For plenty of people it's a perfectly delicious feast. Vegetarians can take heart that their eating habits are trendy among tastemakers this holiday season, with no less than Martha Stewart creating a delectable meat-free spread.

She devoted an entire episode of her TV show to the topic, showcasing a menu that included celery root stuffing, Brussels sprouts and vegetable-orzo casserole.

No harm, no fowl.



Atypical player gets the hits

Baylor University basketball player Brittney Griner is an Internet sensation, with video of her dunking the ball during a win against Jacksonville State getting lots of hits.

The 6-foot-8-inch freshman star becomes the seventh woman in the history of college basketball to dunk successfully. Griner's no stranger to the shot, having pulled it off 52 times in high school, and doesn't need a running start.

No wonder she's considered one of the most exciting players in the women's game.