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POSTED: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pedestrians have duty to be safe

Blame the drivers. Blame the traffic department. If recent letters to these pages are to be believed, pedestrians play no role in pedestrian traffic deaths.

I don't believe it. I have had pedestrians rush out in front of my moving car to catch the last few moments of a blinking orange hand in the walk signal. I have seen pedestrians, some carrying babies, step off the curb without looking either way to see if it was safe. Some walk on the streets at night wearing dark clothing.

Either these people have a death wish or they are exceptionally stupid.

Yes, drivers need to be more careful, and there is a lot that can be done in safety design and rule enforcement. But let's not forget that the primary responsibility for pedestrian safety lies with the pedestrian himself.

J.B. Young



Why is stock price low at Central Pacific Bank?

Enough is enough. I'm sure many families have relatives who were original investors of Central Pacific Bank when the original stock issued more than 50 years ago was valued at $5. Today, they must be turning over in their graves; it is less than $1. Should a federal or state banking regulatory agency be looking into the current management of the bank? Not sure if the stock market is an accurate means to measure the effectiveness of a bank's management, but while Hawaii's three other banks are faring well, Central Pacific Financial is struggling. Why?

D. Fujii



Elected officials ignore ideas to cut spending

Robert Thurston for mayor or governor! He suggested six excellent doable solutions to our current traffic and budget problems in his letter to the editor (”;Solving problems takes some big ideas,”; Star-Bulletin, Nov. 18). Loved it. You see, it is possible to solve our problems without a tax increase (the first solution for the Legislature and unions). A tax increase is not acceptable.

Why don't legislators listen to the people they represent? We can come up with some pretty dang good solutions — unlike the legislators who have a one-track mind: the tax increase cure-all.

When a company is losing revenue the first prudent thing it does is cut expenses. It does not increase its prices. Government should provide just basic services: safety and law and order. It is not a make-work program.

R. Gnolda



America cannot afford health care reform bill

China is anxiously watching the historic health care debate and I don't blame it — because there is absolutely no way America can finance this monster without help.

We are already financed to the eyeballs with China, and I doubt it will be willing to give another $800 billion loan. This means the only way is to tax the American people to death. Everything related to medical care will cost more if this bill goes through, and there will still be people not able to pay for health care.

This is nothing but an albatross in memory of Ted Kennedy and to keep Barack Obama's campaign promises.

Regardless of how the American people feel on the subject, our so-called representatives in Congress will force this issue down our throat. People will suffer more if this bill goes through and as America marches toward more government intervention in their lives. It will be historic if this bill passes; it will be a sadly historic day.

James Roller





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