Warrior Replay


POSTED: Monday, November 23, 2009

1. Davis' double

The Situation:
Hawaii 0, San Jose State 0, 6:34 remaining, first quarter, San Jose State ball, first and 10 at San Jose State 35

The Play:
CB Lametrius Davis intercepts QB Jordan La Secla for the second time in the first quarter, giving Hawaii the ball at the San Jose State 46.

The Impact:
RB Alex Green carries four times in a row for 35 yards. On the drive's seventh play, QB Shane Austin keeps on an option and scores from 3 yards out. When the San Jose State offense takes the field, La Secla is replaced by Kyle Reed. Davis' first interception stopped San Jose State at the Hawaii 25.

“;The quarterback threw hitch because he thought I was in man, but I stayed in cover 2 and had the underneath and I just picked (the first interception).”;


2. Keep the points

The Situation:
Hawaii 10, San Jose State 7, 8:40 remaining, fourth quarter, San Jose State ball, fourth and 6 at Hawaii 16

The Play:
K Tyler Cope makes a 33-yard field goal to tie the game. Hawaii is flagged for running into the kicker, but San Jose State declines the penalty.

The Impact:
Taking the 5-yard penalty would've given San Jose State fourth and 1 at the Hawaii 11.

San Jose State coach Dick Tomey:
“;It was a low-scoring, defensive game, and at the time we decided it was best to get the tie. Obviously you can always second-guess things, but I feel good about that decision.”;


3. Crucial fumble

The Situation:
Hawaii 10, San Jose State 10, 0:47 remaining, fourth quarter, San Jose State ball, first and 10 at Hawaii 44

The Play:
RB Lamon Muldrow runs up the middle and loses control of the ball as DT Tuika Tufaga tackles him. CB Jeramy Bryant recovers.

The Impact:
San Jose State's fourth turnover halts a potential game-winning drive in the final minute.

“;We got off the ball, I saw the running back coming down my gap and I did my job. I was just trying to slam him to the ground and it was a plus that the ball came out.”;


4. OT

The Situation:
Hawaii 10, San Jose State 10, overtime, Hawaii ball, second and goal at San Jose State 5

The Play:
Hawaii runs the same option play Austin scored on earlier. This time he tosses it to RB Leon Wright-Jackson, who scores easily.

The Impact:
Wright-Jackson's sixth touchdown in the past three games puts San Jose State in a touchdown-or-lose situation. This is the fourth game in a row in which Hawaii rushes for more than 100 yards.

“;The way the defense was lined up, I could foresee it was going to be a good play. I concentrated on catching the pitch from Shane, the blocks were there, Kealoha ran off his guy, and I just ran as fast as I could to the end zone.”;


5. Game ender

The Situation:
Hawaii 17, San Jose State 10, overtime, San Jose State ball, fourth and 9 at Hawaii 24

The Play:
Reed throws for WR Kevin Jurovich on an out pattern, but a perfectly positioned Bryant knocks the pass down.

The Impact:
For the fourth consecutive time at Spartan Stadium, visiting Hawaii beats San Jose State in a close game. This time it is retiring former Hawaii coach Tomey's last hurrah against his old team. With its third win in a row, 5-6 Hawaii maintains its slim Hawaii Bowl hopes.

Hawaii coach Greg McMackin:
“;We've got a little streak going and it keeps us alive. We're in a single-elimination tournament and it keeps us alive.”;