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POSTED: Monday, November 23, 2009


For die-hard TV viewers, a sense of loss

All is not “;Lost.”;

Right, tell that to the hard-core fans.

After five years of intriguing—and bedeviling viewers—the Hawaii-taped, Emmy-winning TV series “;Lost”; is coming to an end after a sixth and final season beginning Feb. 2.

When it first burst onto the scene, the mysterious yet exotic drama captivated fans nationwide. Hawaii fans, in addition, were treated to the off-screen antics of its suddenly-hot stars, a few of whom also occasionally starred on HPD's blotter and in the local courts.

Now the end is near. The ratings watchers at ABC-TV, no doubt, are hoping that “;Lost”; fans will find their way back to the fold for the big finale.



We hope he had a good time while he was here

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom should have learned from South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford about the danger of quietly leaving his jurisdiction. Newsom insists that he did tell his chief of staff that he was off to spend time with his wife and daughter in Hawaii after dropping out of the California governor's race and news emerged of a gruesome city budget deficit.

“;This is much to do about nothing,”; Newsom says.

Truly, flying the coop to spend two days with a wife in paradise is more acceptable than sneaking off to spend time with one's Argentine mistress.