Warren Urges Clean Signals; Neglect and Sloppy Signals, He Says, Cause Trouble


POSTED: Sunday, November 22, 2009

“;Neglect to give arm signals provided by law a thing which should become second nature to any person who has driven a car 100 miles, is one of the most flagrant offenses on the part of the motorist in Honolulu.”; This is John T. Warren's comment on the most familiar frailties of thoughtless drivers of motor vehicles, Warren, as president of the Honolulu Automobile Club, is constantly alert to give out suggestions tending toward an increase in safety conditions and his comments on practicing in travel have proven helpful to all those who have considered his recommendations.

“;During the wet weather of the winter months in Honolulu, the menace resulting from failing to signal properly is greater than in other seasons when the roads are kept dry for longer periods.

“;It is really astonishing how many drivers fail to give any signal; it is almost as astonishing to see the number whose brains appear to have broken down under the strain of remembering the three widely standardized arm signals which keep the man behind you from smashing into you. The arm extended straight out means that you are going to turn to the left; upraised to an angle of 45 degrees or more signifies a right turn; lowered to an angle of 45 degree means a stop. Don't bother to see whether there is a car behind you or not. Make your signal 50 or 100 feet in advance of the turn or stop ; keep it up until the turn or stop is completed ; and stick that arm out as far as you can get it. Really, if you do these things, your chances of enjoying next summer's touring will be considerably heightened, and your chances of holding a lily without knowing it will be much decreased,”; says Warren.