Final 'Lost' season to begin Feb. 2


POSTED: Friday, November 20, 2009

LOS ANGELES » When it all began in 2004, most of the ensemble cast members were as unrecognizable as the intricate plot.

Now, after five years and fluctuating popularity—aside from an avid fan base that has not missed a minute and keeps the chat boards humming during the off-season—ABC has announced the beginning of the end.

The sixth and final season of “;Lost”; will start at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2, with an hourlong special recounting the story line, followed by the much-anticipated two-hour season premiere.

“;Lost”; will move to its regular 8 p.m. time slot (but not its regular night, as the show will air on Tuesdays rather than Wednesdays) beginning the following week, on Feb. 9, the network said yesterday.

The actors—two of whom are Emmy winners, and all of whom are stars now—returned to Hawaii for shooting in August.

The lead time allows producers to bank episodes so they can run the entire season of the serial show in chronological order. Inspired, or perhaps tortured, by fan outcry in the past when reruns were interspersed with new episodes—confusing even devoted followers of the complex science-fiction plot line—the network and show executives decided to push back the premiere date and allow the story to unfold in an uninterrupted fashion.

Michael Emerson, who was nominated three consecutive years for an Emmy for his portrayal of Benjamin Linus on “;Lost”; and took home the award in September, reports that the completed episodes are “;very dark and bloody.”; Beyond that he offers little more than speculation.

“;I thought I would be able to see the ending that was coming, but I can't,”; he said of the series finale. “;It's still so opaque.”;