Washing personal cars at Capitol is not allowed


POSTED: Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Question: Several months ago I went to the state Capitol on a weekend to drop off testimony. I noticed one of the sheriffs was washing a private car. I go there often, so I am familiar with their faces. I know it wasn't a state car, nor the governor's or lieutenant governor's. So many public servants are making sacrifices through furloughs or layoffs. Yet, it looks like some sheriffs are taking advantage of state resources. I tried to report it to someone in the building, but the lady's comment was that she never sees them around. Is there someone at Public Safety whom we can complain to when we see abuses like this?

Answer: The practice has been stopped.

After James Propotnick, deputy director of the state Department of Public Safety's Law Enforcement Division, heard your complaint, he immediately checked it out, verified it and ordered a halt to the washing of personal vehicles.

First off, “;they do wash all the (state-owned) cars at the loading dock in the basement of the Capitol on weekends,”; he said. That includes squad cars for the Sheriffs Division as well as the cars used by the governor and lieutenant governor.

However, some of the deputy sheriffs acknowledged that they also occasionally washed their personal vehicles after washing the state cars.

It wasn't a routine practice and “;no longer is a practice,”; Propotnick said.

Question: Is there a reason for the sprinklers on the median of Kalaeloa Boulevard being on 24 hours a day? These sprinklers are in front of the Costco gas pumps, and they have been on for some time now.

Answer: The sprinklers finally were repaired after we passed on your complaint in October to the state Department of Transportation. However, we haven't been able to find out what the problem was.

If you see it happening again, call the department's highways hot line at 831-6714 or the Board of Water Supply water waste line at 748-5041.


We Do It Because ......

Regarding the complaint about nondisabled people parking in a handicap stall, leaving the disabled person and going shopping (hsblinks.com/1bc), three people said they only do so to help their mothers. Here are their justifications:

» The person who sent the complaint sounded disgruntled. I shop for my handicapped mother quite often, and she may wait in the car precisely because she is, you got it, handicapped! Why should she have to walk around when she is not well? Sorry if the handicapped parking sticker policeman is bummed about it. There ought not to be a law to prohibit this practice. Common sense, eh brah! — Faith

» I am one of those persons who parks my car in a handicap stall, but I only do it when my mother is in the car and I shop for her. I'm her primary caretaker and park in the disabled stall for her safety. I fear that if I parked far from the entrance, she would be very vulnerable to being harassed or opening the door to somebody. We're not just being lazy. I try to avoid parking in the handicap stall because I know there are other people who do not have help and do have to walk. — Nelson

» If I take my disabled mother to the commissary, I'm not going to park at the other end of the parking lot. I've got to park close to the front door, where everyone can see her. Would you leave your mother in the car far, far away? — No Name