Warrior Replay


POSTED: Monday, November 16, 2009

1. Running again

The Situation:
New Mexico State 0, Hawaii 0, 12:00 remaining, first quarter, Hawaii ball, first and 10 at Hawaii 30

The Play:
On Hawaii's second offensive play, RB Leon Wright-Jackson breaks away for 19 yards on his first carry of the game.

The Impact:
Hawaii establishes the run early, and mixes it in with passes on a steady 11-play, 83-yard drive culminating with Wright-Jackson's 3-yard touchdown run.

“;We're trying to emphasize being explosive right from the jump. So anybody we're playing, we're trying to get on top of as fast as possible.”;


2. Three and out

The Situation:
Hawaii 7, New Mexico State 0, 5:49 remaining, first quarter, New Mexico State ball, third and 3 at New Mexico State 18

The Play:
QB Jeff Fleming passes incomplete for WR Marcus Anderson.

The Impact:
After the punt, Hawaii takes over at the New Mexico State 48. Five plays later, Wright-Jackson scores his fifth touchdown in two games and Hawaii leads 14-0. The New Mexico State offense fails to score a touchdown in its fourth game in a row.

Hawaii linebacker Blaze Soares:
“;I was really happy to see everybody doing the right things for once. We limited our mistakes dramatically.”;


3. One of 16

The Situation:
Hawaii 14, New Mexico State 0, 13:51 remaining, second quarter, Hawaii ball, third and 16 at UH 31

The Play:
QB Bryant Moniz places a pass perfectly 40 yards downfield to SB Greg Salas in a tight spot between two defenders. Salas grabs the ball in full stride for a 41-yard gain.

The Impact:
This is the most spectacular of Salas' school-record-breaking 16 catches. He got 196 yards on them and he leads the nation with 136.0 receiving yards per game.

“;I dropped a lot of passes. That's what sticks in my mind the most. It's one thing I hate doing, but in the end I had a pretty good night. It's great to get the win. It's the most important thing.”;


4. Another Silva Int

The Situation:
Hawaii 17, New Mexico State 0, 9:52 remaining, second quarter, New Mexico State ball, second and 10 at Hawaii 6

The Play:
Under pressure, Fleming throws up a pass that FS Mana Silva intercepts and Hawaii takes over at its own 5.

The Impact:
Silva's fifth interception of the season stopped New Mexico State's deepest drive. This is the first game Hawaii did not allow an offensive score since a shutout victory at Idaho in 2005.

Hawaii coach Greg McMackin:
“;The defense played the best game they've played. I think what's happening is our newer, younger players have realized how to play the game.”;


5. Insurance

The Situation:
Hawaii 17, New Mexico State 6, 11:08 remaining, fourth quarter, Hawaii ball, first and 10 at New Mexico State 12

The Play:
Backup QB Shane Austin throws a 12-yard touchdown pass to Salas.

The Impact:
Austin, who replaced Moniz (sore ribs), completed eight of 11 passes for 72 yards and the touchdown, which clinched the game, considering NMSU's offensive woes.

“;You're one play away from going in and that's definitely the case this season, especially with the way quarterbacks have been going down. ... I didn't have much time to warm up. I got two passes in and I just jumped in there.”;