Chinese showroom to sell island items


POSTED: Monday, November 16, 2009

Returning from her two-week trip to promote tourism and business in China, Gov. Linda Lingle touted the creation of a retail warehouse for Hawaii-made products in China and the establishment of new connections for tourism from China.

Hawaii House will be a wholesale and retail showroom in Shanghai where Hawaii products can be sampled and ordered, she said.

“;This was a potentially very powerful breakthrough. Success of this initiative could significantly reduce the risks and the costs for small- and medium-sized businesses in Hawaii that do business in China.”;

China's Ministry of Commerce will sign a memorandum of understanding with the state this year, and a buying delegation will visit Hawaii in January or February to see which products to sell.

“;We want (local business) to be prepared to step up and take advantage of this opportunity,”; Lingle said.

She said she also established points of contacts for Hawaii in five consulates in China that would help anyone having a visa problem while trying to travel to Hawaii.