Honolulu Girl Trailed As a 'Spy' in Germany


POSTED: Sunday, November 15, 2009

A striking looking brunette who calls far off Hawaii her home is a potential spy in nazi-land, even though her father happens to be a bishop.

Such is the conclusion to be drawn from the experience of Miss Nancy Littell, attractive daughter of Bishop and Mrs. S. Harington Littell.

She returned this morning on the Lurline, “;glad to be home for a while.”;

She was in Heidelberg, Germany, studying commercial subjects when the war broke out.

“;They thought I was a spy,”; she admitted today, while her father looked on grinning to think that the daughter of a bishop should be suspected of being another Mata Hari.

“;I was trailed a long time,”; she continued. “;They questioned me everywhere I went in Germany. I wasn't exactly kicked out. I got out through Italy. I caught the Cinte di Savoia. The liner was stopped by British and French warships, which took off Germans as prisoners.”;

Pressed for details of her experiences in Germany, she smiled and said, “;I don't know where to begin. I wrote 12 pages about it. I hope to have it published.”;

A reception will be given in her honor from 4 to 6 Thursday evening at the residence of her father, Queen Emma square.

He went off port this morning to welcome her.

She was born in China and left Honolulu last spring to study in Germany.