Throwdowns think big


POSTED: Friday, November 13, 2009

The Throwdowns are wondering whether they're required to actually go camping with the Fray and Panic! at the Disco this weekend.

According to a recent Facebook post: “;That could be cool. The Fray can be in charge of firewood, Panic can tell the ghost stories. Us? We are in charge of mixed drinks and centipede watch,”; said lead vocalist Erin Smith.

They might not be roughing it, but the Throwdowns will open for their mainland-based guests after a warm-up gig tonight at Boardriders Bar & Grill. (They will also open for the English Beat on Dec. 5.)

The band will play an acoustic set on Sunday to fit in with the evening's performances. The set might be toned down, but Smith and the gang are up for the challenge.

“;We usually create a ruckus ... jump around and have lots of attitude,”; Smith said. “;We're a bit punky, a bit mainstream ... with a lot of edge and quirk. It's pretty sassy stuff.”;





        Featuring the Throwdowns, Panic! at the Disco and the Fray

» Where: Waikiki Shell, 2805 Monsarrat Ave.


» When: 5 p.m. Sunday


» Cost: $20-$55


» Info: (800) 745-3000 or www.hsblinks.com/1a3


» Note: The Throwdowns also perform at 10 tonight at Boardriders Bar & Grill, 201 Hamakua Drive




The Maui-based band formed about six months ago and released its first EP, “;Don't Slow Down,”; in August.

“;We may be a local band from Maui, but we all think so big. We want to be huge, known around the world,”; said bassist Kimo Clark. “;We are kind of a household name on Maui. Now we're working on Oahu and the other islands.

“;Once we've got Hawaii covered, we'll use that as a steppingstone to get to the mainland.”;

IN THEIR BRIEF time together, the band has already accomplished things few bands ever get to experience.

“;We are all over the place and opened for all different kinds of bands ... 311, Bad Brains and Natural Vibrations,”; Clark said. “;We're definitely not pigeonholed in one genre.”;

It's no wonder, since the musical interests and icons of the band range from Billie Holiday, Bob Marley and Miley Cyrus to punk and rap acts.

“;We have a style that crosses over into a bunch of genres,”; said guitarist Ola Shaw (who is stoked about the weekend show because he's a huge Fray fan). “;I toured with a band back in California and would drive for 18 hours straight while listening to the Fray. They are definitely an influence.”;

Shaw played with a band that opened for the Doobie Brothers and Ashlee Simpson and were a part of the Warped Tour. He claims to have a “;good feeling”; about his current band's success.

“;The first EP was really a freshman thing,”; he said. “;Only a few songs on the last album really reflect what we are about.

“;Now we're really homing in on our sound. On our next album, we are really pushing to do some cool stuff. Our sound is more modernized. We want to continually evolve with the times.”;

The band has some exciting prospects, Shaw added. In December they'll travel to Canada to create a music video and play a few shows. They are also in contract negotiations with a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Records.

For now the group is taking things in stride and letting the cards fall into place.

“;We like to have tons of fun,”; Shaw said. “;Erin's charisma is awesome, Kimo is a killer bass player and Ian (Hollingsworth) is a sick drummer. We have chemistry that totally works onstage and off.”;