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POSTED: Sunday, November 08, 2009

Decision makers muddying waters

I predict that no solution is possible to resolve this school furlough crisis. There are too many hypocritical people not willing to compromise and negotiate for the good of the community, too many union bosses each having his own agenda.

There should be one leader with authority to discuss many problems with the governor and all of the various union leaders, and their members should ultimately agree to abide by the decisions made. Enough is enough!

Toshio Chinen

Pearl City

Furlough Fridays set a new low

I read all the horrifying articles about the predictably negative impacts of the ill-advised (and ill-devised) Furlough Fridays scheme with the same level and disgust and frustration felt by every other sane citizen of Hawaii. The quotes in the papers said it all: “;Cutting class time can't possibly be the best solution to solve the budget crisis.”; ... “;This should never have been an option.”;

When even U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is quoted in the Wall Street Journal as chastising Hawaii for the stupidity of our furlough “;solution,”; you know things have gone too far.

If politicians can't figure out any better solution than this dysfunctional approach, then they have no right to be re-elected. Likewise, the unionized teachers certainly showed where their true loyalty lays—i.e., their own pocketbooks vs. the welfare of the children whom they are sworn to teach.

Everybody else is taking pay cuts during this recession; the teachers should vote and do likewise.

Meanwhile, although the “;furlough furor”; may prove more difficult to solve, I do have a proposed immediate solution for another idiotic aspect of the fallout from Furlough Fridays.

Incredibly, and completely unnecessarily, all the state parking lots are now closed too because their operators are now off on FFs.

How's this for a simple two-part solution: 1) Leave the gates of the parking lots open rather than closed on FFs; and 2) Post a sigh saying “;Lot Open—Free parking on Furlough Fridays.”;

Bradley A. Coates


Teachers must demand better

Your suggestion that teachers vote again to amend the contract is preposterous and irresponsible (”;Let teachers vote again,”; Star-Bulletin editorial, Oct. 25). How about voting again for a state administration that can realize the ramifications of its decisions?

What exact data is there to make the outrageous statement that teachers “;preferred ordinary pay reductions to furloughs”;? Teachers should now stand with the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly in support of education.

All citizens must make the financial commitment that permits students/teachers to get back to work.

Mary Taylor


Global warming can be stopped

This is the time for all good men and women to get busy! Please write to your government officials and tell them to make a great effort to do everything they can to stop global warming now. The truth is out there!

Leslie Vanberg





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