Get yourself some therapy


POSTED: Thursday, November 05, 2009

Therapy used to be perceived as a bad thing, implying sickness or injury, or simply that a person is just plain cuckoo. Now that reality stars, politicians' behavior and social media posts have confirmed that everyone's a little nuts, therapy is a welcome idea.

In fact, the word's association with spas and massages has placed it in the warm and fuzzy realm of stress relief and relaxation. It's in that vein that Tina Wary is launching Therapy, a boutique in Kahala Mall that promises Rx for fashion, taking into account the many facets of women's lives while introducing new brands to the islands.

“;Pretty much everything's been done, but the idea of therapy stuck with me on so many different levels, from helping women find something that would lift their spirit to using soothing blues and a calming chocolate color,”; Wary said before the boutique formally opened its doors Monday.

“;One of my other goals was to offer lines nobody's carrying in Hawaii. That's what I enjoy, finding something unique, and I thought, hey, if I feel that way, maybe other people do too.”;

In the process, she's trying her best to support local entrepreneurs and American industry, seeking such made-in-Hawaii and American-made brands as Luna Kai Candles, Rich and Skinny denim, Voom by Joy Han silk dresses and Love Mert, an eco-friendly handbag line made with recycled, vintage and sustainable fabrics.

More familiar brands include Rock & Republic, Quiksilver and LA Made.

“;It's a combination of things because people don't dress the same way every day. It depends on what's going on,”; said Wary, describing dressing down for running errands or taking kids to school, or glamming up for a dinner party or an evening out.

“;When you go to the Gap, you know what to expect. At Therapy, you're going to get a little bit of everything, whether you need a special dress — that no one else has — for an evening out, a new pair of jeans or a casual dress to throw on after surfing or a day at the beach.”;

THE BOUTIQUE is something she's been longing to open for several years, though she's been kept busy handling administrative duties at her husband Ed Wary's restaurants, Auntie Pasto's and Dixie Grill.

While one might wonder what running a restaurant has to do with the retail clothing concept, Tina believes the two share one major similarity.

“;It's all about customer service, right? If you make something or offer a service, whether it's on a menu or hanging on a rack, you want to offer something intriguing that will make people want to support you.

“;We're all service industries and our goal is to make customers happy.”;

That's where the therapy comes in. Economic concerns have made it more important than ever to shop smart, and those who need a little hand-holding while making those tough decisions will find Wary's style therapists there to help. They can offer a valuable second eye, as well as tips for coordinating a special look, suggestions on building a basic wardrobe for maximum versatility, or how to use accessories to update a wardrobe or take an outfit from day to evening.

Creating the boutique has already served as therapy for Wary, who says, “;As much as I love my family, I love getting on a plane and going to L.A. Market and seeing all the new merchandise and lines, and coming home super-excited.”;

And although she says her husband has been very supportive, she said she senses that he'll miss her at the restaurants.

“;I just tell him, 'You know where to find me.'”;


Therapy boutique is at Kahala Mall, in the former Shasa Emporium space. Call 732-7222.