Foster from 'Greek' sets eyes on his music


POSTED: Sunday, November 01, 2009

Foster from 'Greek' sets eyes on his music

By Michelle T. Ramos

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On “;Greek,”; Scott Michael Foster plays an aimless frat guy who only wants to hang out, drink and pick up chicks, but in reality, Foster's been driven to pursue an acting career since he was a seventh-grader.

He studied drama in high school, and after attempting a semester in college, moved to LA. Since then the 24-year-old has appeared in “;Quarterlife,”; on several TV shows, had a small role in the movie “;Ashley's Ashes”; (pending release) and currently plays Cappie in the ABC Family series “;Greek,”; which ends its third midseason tomorrow.

But acting isn't his only passion. Foster is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Siren's Eye. The group started with four members about 4 1/2 years ago, Foster said, but its lineup has only recently stabilized, with five members who have been playing together for the past two years.


Foster started singing at about the same time he knew he wanted to become an actor. He sang in choir and performed in musical theater, but it wasn't until after his move to LA, where he taught himself how to play the guitar, that music became a bigger part of his life. He now writes the lyrics for Siren's Eye's songs.

“;We're working on getting an EP together to be released around December or January and then releasing the full album next year,”; he said. “;It would be great if we sold a few albums.”;

That doesn't mean TV fans should fear losing sight of him.

“;I would always come back to acting,”; Foster said, expressing a desire to pursue film work. “;(And) it wouldn't be bad to have my own TV show. That would be awesome.”;


QUESTION: Would you like to merge your singing and acting talents on “;Greek”;? Maybe serenade Casey?

ANSWER: I would like to have some songs on “;Greek.”; I sang karaoke on, I think, the second season. That was fun. I would be more than happy to do more.

Q: What is Cappie majoring in and will he ever graduate?

A: Cappie takes all sorts of classes. I don't know if he's figured it out yet. I don't know if he wants to stay there (college) his whole life. It's an ideal spot. He just wants to have fun.

Q: Which relationship—with Casey or Evan—is more important to Cappie?

A: Good question. I think he'll always love Casey, and he just started becoming friends with Evan again. We'll see where that goes. Bottom line is that he'll always love Casey.

Q: What does the future hold for the group?

A: I think Casey wants to do something important, where she can make a difference. Maybe graduate school ... or something like government or law.

Evan: Everything changed when he gave up his trust fund. Who knows if he'll be able to pay for school?

Ashleigh (Amber Stevens): She was sort of caught off guard being voted as president of ZBZ (sorority house). I don't actually know where her character is going. ... I think she wants to make the house the best for her last semester there.

Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria): (She's) dealing with being an ex-senator's daughter and still trying to prove herself with all the ZBZ girls.

Calvin (Paul James): I think Calvin would make a great president of Omega Kai (fraternity house) someday. ... He's busy trying to navigate his way as being the only (openly) gay guy on campus.

Rusty (Jacob Zachar): He may want to be (KT) president and then be a science guy. Maybe a professor.

Dale: I think eventually he'll open up a church somewhere and teach his blessings to the masses.