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POSTED: Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rail project just a tool for mayor

When someone is trying so desperately to push a project to get started, you just have to take a second look at what's going on. Yes, I'm talking about Mayor Mufi Hannemann and the rail project. I couldn't care less about his claims of federal funding and low bids. Point is, the money is not in hand, and low bids are a joke and used just to get the foot in the door.

Mayor Hannemann just wants to say, “;I was the one who started the rail system”; in his bid for governor, but what legacy is he going to leave the next mayor of Honolulu? Will the next mayor be the one to “;furlough”; the rail employees, because after all, once it's built, you still have to operate and maintain it? Where is the money going to come from then?

We are in a troubled economy, and that's a fact. People are losing their jobs and paychecks are getting smaller.

Do you really think it's wise to start a project like this now? And just how much can you realistically tax your citizens?

Daniel J. Bryant


Title Guaranty deserves praise

Kudos to Title Guaranty of Hawaii for its leadership in the business community through its policy of partially reimbursing full-time employees who have to pay for child care on Furlough Fridays.

This decision speaks loudly to the employees in saying how much they are valued, encouraging a positive working atmosphere.

This policy also lets the public know that Title Guaranty has strong work ethics and cares about the community. A company that is willing to invest extra money in its employees during hard economic times also invests in its community because the money that is used for child care can create more jobs or added pay for child care workers.

Renee H. Furuyama


'Born again' not Catholic doctrine

I am outraged by the anonymous letter on Oct. 18 (”;From the Forum”; online comment on “;Religion risky for GOP”;). The letter writer said that he/she lost respect that Lt. Gov. James “;Duke”; Aiona preaches his “;born again”; belief.

First, as a Catholic—in the same church as the lieutenant governor—“;born again”; is not Catholic doctrine. A billion or more Catholics have never heard this phrase in their churches. It does not exist in our religion. Period.

Second, the lieutenant governor never has preached or used his religious beliefs as part of his official duties. He is very careful not to mix politics and religion, as they have serious consequences, as we all know.

The letter writer needs to get his/her facts straight before making such allegations.

Joseph Alexander


Adult education feeling pain, too

I am writing on behalf of the Adult and Community Educational Council to address some of the points made by Kim Koga that the adult schools seemed to be exempt from cost-cutting by the state Department of Education (”;Adult Education should be cut, too,”; Star-Bulletin, Letters, Oct. 15).

First, a reduction in the Adult School's program was made by the state for $528,947, followed by the federal government's reduction of $200,000, for a total of $728,947. This amount affected the academic programs only. The cultural and recreational programs are self-sustaining through tuition fees.

On the personnel side, principals, vice principals, registrars and certain clerical employees are subject to the furloughs and pay reductions negotiated by their respective collective bargaining agreements. The academic and special interest teachers are part-time personnel and not subject to the terms of the collective bargaining agreements but they are subject to class cancellations and layoffs as the budget gets tighter.

We will endeavor to meet the needs of Adult Education despite the program cuts because we firmly believe that our investment in adult education yields enormous returns and benefits to our state.

Ed Yee

Chairman, Adult and Community Educational Council

Kailua survey was not credible

I support vacation rentals and wish to comment on Chuck Prentiss' statements in the Oct. 25 Star-Bulletin (”;Tourist rentals frowned on,”; Kailua Neighborhood Board profile) about the Kailua Town Party survey. It is not what he said that I find interesting, but what he did not say.

Mr. Prentiss claims more than 200 surveys responded to the question: “;What is the most important thing that Kailua needs?”; The top issue: “;No tourist rentals.”; Nowhere does he tell us that only 38 of these 200-plus responses named this their priority. Even more fascinating is that only 200-plus people responded. The town party attracts 5,000-plus people. If 200 of 5,000 attendees responded, then 4,800 people either support rentals or don't care.

This survey is far from credible. Mr. Prentiss fails to tell us the full question, how it was presented, how the data were collected, what statistical error tests were made, or even the full results. Very curious indeed.

Fred Larson






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