Weight Watchers to control franchise


POSTED: Friday, October 30, 2009

Weight Watchers North America Inc. confirmed yesterday it would be taking over operations of Weight Watchers Hawaii when franchisees Daniel and Jacob Chicorel exit the business by the end of this year.

Daniel Chicorel returned a Star-Bulletin query yesterday and said while he could not commit the succeeding corporation to retain all 124 employees, most of whom are part time, “;they're going to need those people,”; he said.

Weight Watchers Hawaii employs five full-time employees, while the remaining 119 are part time. Many lead meetings around the major islands.

The corporate entity is still in negotiations with the brothers' franchise, Chicorel Enterprises Inc., but it will become a company-owned operation, succeeding the franchise, said Ken Alston, attorney for Weight Watchers North America.

“;There will be no changes for members,”; he said.

Chicorel Enterprises filed a notice with the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, which it received Monday, in order to comply with the Hawaii Dislocated Workers' Act regarding its anticipated plant closing notice.