Hawaii creates nearly 1,200 jobs with federal stimulus funds


POSTED: Friday, October 30, 2009

The federal government today was expected to release the first quarterly report assessing the employment impact of federal stimulus money, including the creation of jobs in Hawaii.

Federal economic stimulus money to reduce the impact of the economic recession has directly generated 1,175 jobs in Hawaii, according to preliminary figures released by state officials yesterday.

State chief economist Pearl Iboshi said the number of direct jobs created from the stimulus money in Hawaii were actually higher than the preliminary figures in the federal report.

Iboshi said the accounting for some jobs, including those generated by the state Department of Transportation, was delayed because of federal reimbursement procedures.

According to preliminary figures provided by the state, Hawaii's Department of Education reported generating 549 jobs, the highest of any department, followed by others, including the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations with 273; the state Airports Division, 27; state Highways Division, 17; Department of Hawaiian Homes Lands, 16; and University of Hawaii, 12.

Of the $931.4 million in economic stimulus money awarded to Hawaii, $296.5 million has been expended, according to preliminary figures released by the state.