POSTED: Thursday, October 29, 2009

Forget the pasty, cakey-skinned vampires of old. That look's dead. Today's vampires — though somewhat paler than most — blend in with the rest of society, wearing the same clothes, going to the same schools and strolling the same malls, such that mere mortals are made to wonder, is he or isn't he? (I'm guessing that true vampires are less likely than the rest of us to be spotted actually dining at restaurants.)

For those who plan to channel the brooding look of Edward Cullen on Halloween, all this means is that it's never been easier to recreate the living dead look with makeup.

At Nordstrom, Nars business manager and makeup artist Jayel Bordon said that due to “;Twilight”; and “;Vampire Diaries”; mania, she's been seeing more people come into the makeup department asking how to get the blood-drained look, as if it required special brands or theatrical makeup.

To create the look on performer Dazz Toguchi, she simply started with foundation three shades lighter than his skin color.

You might say Bordon's an expert in vampire makeup. “;It started when 'Interview with a Vampire' came out,”; she said. “;I studied how they applied makeup. I've always been attracted to things out of the ordinary and interested in creating a look like that.”;

Her years of practice have paid off.

“;The fans, especially, are coming in. They're so cute. They want to get the 'Twilight' makeup line so they can all dress up for the 'New Moon' premiere, and they ask how to do the application.”;

She describes the revamped vampire look as being less creepy than those of old, “;a little softer, more romantic, more alluring.”;

As easy as the makeup has become, she said pulling off the subtler look calls for adopting the vampire 'tude. It's one thing to keep people guessing, and another to look like a mere poseur.

“;Either you're just really pale or it's like, Hey! I get it!”;

Here are six easy steps to achieving the new vampire look for Halloween:

1. Start with Nars makeup primer, $33, followed by liquid foundation three shades lighter than your skin color. If you're light-skinned, go one shade lighter. Nars Sheer Glow in “;Santa Fe”; ($42) was used here. Go four shades lighter and with the right costume, the same makeup can be used to create a Michael Jackson look.

2. Nars Multiple Stick in “;Orgasm”; ($37) was used to highlight cheekbones, eyelids and to add a deathly pallor to the lips.

3. The makeup was set with Nars “;Eden”; loose powder ($34), a non-transferrable powder that won't stick to your dark clothing.

4. Heavy brows will give your vampire a dark, mysterious, brooding look. Bordon used Nars “;Bali”; eyeshadow ($22) to fill in Toguchi's brows.

5. Line bottom eyelid with Nars “;Mambo”; red-brown eye pencil ($20) that is smudged with Nars “;Black Moon”; eye pencil ($20). Use a Q-tip for smudging if you don't have brushes. She warns that a little eye pencil and liner go a long way. “;Be careful of the heavy hand. Too heavy and you'll look like a monster. You just want to look tired.”;

6. Coat eyelashes with Luna Twilight “;Gleam”; metallic mascara ($22), exclusive to Nordstrom.

7. Lips should have a fresh bitten look. Bordon dabbed Nars semi-matte lipstick “;Fire Down Below”; ($24) to stain the inside of top and bottom lips, rubbing it in to give depth to the red. She followed this by sweeping a layer of Luna Twilight Duwop plumping Lip Venom ($16) across top and bottom lips for a pouty look. Those with pale skin can go lighter on the lips, using a softer red smudged just inside top and bottom lips.

“;You don't want to define the lip. You want it to look as if you just bit someone,”; Bordon said.

Bordon's still on the look for real vampires, saying, “;If you turn into a vampire, I'd totally hang with you. Every vampire needs a stylist on their team.”;