Warrior Replay


POSTED: Monday, October 26, 2009

1. Fumble

The Situation:
Boise State 0, Hawaii 0, 13:18 remaining, first quarter, Hawaii ball, second and 10 at Hawaii 15
The Play:
QB Bryant Moniz throws a shovel pass to RB Leon Wright-Jackson. LB Daron Mackey forces him to fumble and it is recovered by S Jeron Johnson at the Hawaii 13.
The Impact:
The first of six Hawaii turnovers results in Kyle Brotzman's 25-yard field goal. Boise State never trails.
“;It just motivates you to get another turnover. If somebody gets one, you want to get a second. If someone gets a second, you want to get a third.”;


2. Bringing it out

The Situation:
Boise State 3, Hawaii 0, 11:54 remaining, first quarter, Boise State kicking off from own 30
The Play:
KR Jovonte Taylor drops, then kicks the ball in the end zone. He picks it up and decides to run it out. He is stopped at the Hawaii 14.
The Impact:
After two first downs Hawaii punts from its 40. Boise State scores the game's first touchdown on its next possession.
Hawaii RB Alex Green:
“;We hurt ourselves over and over. ... They keyed on our mistakes and the scoreboard showed it.”;


3. Lack of pursuit

The Situation:
Boise State 3, Hawaii 0, 7:08 remaining, first quarter, Boise State ball, fourth and 2 at Hawaii 35
The Play:
QB Kellen Moore throws a pass to TE Tyler Shoemaker in the left flat. Shoemaker makes the catch for a first down and then goes all the way for the TD.
The Impact:
The first of five passing scores for Moore displays Boise State's dominance as a play designed to get the first down ends up as a touchdown with few Hawaii defenders getting near Shoemaker after the catch.
Hawaii safety Richard Torres:
“;We were in man and someone missed an assignment. It's hard sometimes (to pursue) when you're in cover zero. Some guys got screened.”;


4. Double pass

The Situation:
Boise State 17, Hawaii 0, 8:10 remaining, second quarter, Boise State ball, first and 10 at Boise State 41
The Play:
Moore throws to WR Austin Pettis, who passes across the grain to TE Kyle Efaw 28 yards downfield.
The Impact:
Boise State, known for its trick plays, uses this one to set up the first of three touchdown passes to Titus Young two plays later.
“;We got a lot of variety in there and got a lot of guys involved and it was good stuff.”;


5. Shaka

The Situation:
Boise State 24, Hawaii 0, 1:22 remaining, second quarter, Boise State ball, first and goal at UH 10
The Play:
Moore, facing heavy pressure, lofts a pass to the left front corner of the end zone. Young makes the catch for his second TD and flashes shaka signs to the crowd.
The Impact:
Although Hawaii had some success at slowing Boise State on third downs, it became apparent at this point that the Broncos could score at will, using a variety of offensive sets and weapons. Combined with a turnover-producing defense, they cruised to their seventh win with no losses.
Hawaii coach Greg McMackin:
“;Boise's a good football team and I thought we played with them physically, but they took advantage of our mistakes.”;