Military asks families hit by furloughs to use bases


POSTED: Friday, October 23, 2009
This story has been corrected.  See below.

Military families facing child care issues because of furlough Fridays at public schools have for the most part been advised to use child care programs already in place at various bases.

The exception is the Navy. The Navy Installations Command Child and Youth Program provides subsidies for child care for families enrolled in any Navy after-school program.

The program will provide grant money to cover the cost of child care on furlough days for families who are not currently enrolled in the after-school program. However, the grant will be for furlough days only and is only available to active-duty Navy families who are either in single-parent households or active-duty Navy families where one parent is deployed and the spouse also works.

;[Preview]  Local Families Make Final Preps For First Furlough Friday

Parents of public school students are going through final preparations to make sure their children are cared for on the first furlough Friday.

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“;We hope that the second option will encourage those who currently leave their fourth- to sixth-graders at home unattended for 'a little while' during the normal school week to sign up their children,”; said Theresa Phillips, fleet and family readiness program director for Navy Region Hawaii.

For other Navy families, child care will be available at Catlin Clubhouse at the corner of Catlin Drive and Nimitz Highway. The cost will be $30 per day per child. Families with more than one child will receive a 20 percent discount: $24 per day for each additional child in the family.

At Hickam Air Force Base and the Marine base at Kaneohe Bay, families have been directed to contact commercial and on-base child care operators.







Army officials in Hawaii are offering several programs to help Army families with child care on Furlough Fridays. Originally, this article reported that the Army said it did not have enough time to plan any special programs for the first furlough day last week.