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POSTED: Monday, October 19, 2009

Crime witnesses should call it in

What is our society coming to when one can watch another human being “;either shoving or choking her with both hands near the throat area”; ... “;made the choking or shoving movement five times, then stopped for a total of 30 repetitions”; (”;Witnesses saw beach struggle,”; Star-Bulletin, Oct. 13)?

How can anyone witness that kind of brutality and never make a 911 call? It is a dangerous world we live in today with drug addicts roaming our streets, sleeping in our parks and at our bus stops.

We ordinary citizens must learn to stand up for each other, be the eyes and ears for victims in need. We must not be afraid to call for help; 911 can be an anonymous call.

What if it had been your daughter or wife, sister or neighbor on that beach that night. We can't let hoodlums take over our public parks and beaches. Whatever took place between Bryanna Antone and Aaron Susa, we may never know all the facts, but we do know there were witnesses who saw brutality who did nothing until too late and a life was taken.

May we all think twice before deciding “;not to get involved.”;

Bobbe Fernandez

Salt Lake

Akaka Bill critic was out of line

Ken Conklin's letter concerning St. Damien's exclusion from those benefiting from the passage of the Akaka Bill (”;Bill would not help St. Damien,”; Star-Bulletin, Oct. 13) hardly deserves to be dignified with a response.

However, it is reprehensible to politicize the elevation of Father Damien to sainthood with the alleged discrimination Mr. Conklin sees in the Akaka Bill.

I cannot understand the brazen discrimination in the effort by Mr. Conklin and his associates to thwart the passage of the Akaka Bill. That bill and other efforts by the Hawaiian people aim at rectifying, in some measure, the theft of their nation by a group of conspirators with assistance from the U.S. military.

I believe that Father Damien would have stood on the side of justice and redressing a wrong, without regard to personal benefit to himself.

Alfred Bloom


Open hotels to the homeless

A solution for “;sidewalk sleepers”;: We have an absurd situation here.

On the one hand there are ever more vacant, unused hotel rooms. On the other hand we have people sleeping on sidewalks, not a very safe, clean place to have to sleep.

So why not have a collective hotel “;hui,”; plus other possible funding. This will pay for basic room cost. The “;sleepers”; can do their own cleaning-maid service. This can provide these folks a place to clean up, rest and keep possessions safe. Demand in exchange that they need to be in productive programs to better their lives. They will have to leave their rooms during day hours; this will clear the sidewalks. Help these poor, vulnerable, “;sleepy”; people regain a since of hope.

David Cannell


Faith a positive in local politics

As the recent excitement surrounding the canonization of Father Damien suggests, one's personal faith plays an influential role in the lives of Hawaii's citizens.

As a non-Christian Republican, I recognize that the Republican Party represents the values that a majority of the people of Hawaii believe, regardless of their religion. To suggest that Republicans will suffer by engaging the faith-based community—a community that also includes many prominent Democrats—is to discount their positive impact on society.

Erin Kealoha






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