In the moment


POSTED: Sunday, October 18, 2009

They might not readily agree, but in some ways, artists Harry Tsuchidana and Satoru Abe aren't all that different from other local Japanese-American men of their generation.

While the duo took decidedly different paths from the vast majority of their contemporaries, pursuing artistic rather than practical endeavors, their careers contributed to the transformation of Hawaii's art scene as surely as other post-World War II Asian men from the islands transformed the political, government and business landscapes.





        Place: Louis Pohl Gallery, 1111 Nuuanu Ave.

On exhibit: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays through Nov. 14


Call: 521-1812




That generation of men bore a principled steadfastness that Tsuchidana and Abe continue to employ today.

Nothing conveys this more succinctly than the title of their new exhibit with painter Warren Stenberg: “;No Plan B,”; showing at the Louis Pohl Gallery in Chinatown.

The term is a mantra of sorts for Tsuchidana, who happily shares it with anyone who asks about his lifelong career.

“;That's it. No plan B,”; he states cheerfully.

“;I've got no plan,”; quips Abe.

“;This IS his plan B,”; Tsuchidana returns, in reference to Stenberg, who began painting in 1992 and was his student after extensive careers in printing and advertising.

The show is a dream for gallery owner Sandy Pohl.

“;It's an honor for me to have these Hawaii icons in my gallery,”; says Pohl. “;There's a total calmness you feel in the presence of their art. There's an atmosphere of harmony and peacefulness they lend to the room. It's the ultimate in sophistication because of the simplicity of it all.

“;And these guys are in the moment, always in the moment, trying to get laughs out of us. They're just like their artwork, putting people at ease.”;

Tsuchidana shares his latest works in his continuing “;Stage”; series of paintings, while Abe contributes miniature metal sculptures in his signature styles. Stenberg presents numerous mixed-media pieces full of color and texture.

Like Tsuchidana and Abe, “;Warren eats and breathes art—every day,”; says Pohl.

Abe calls art “;an obsession.”;

“;It's my obsession for 60-plus years now,”; he says.