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POSTED: Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mayor's rail plan a costly eyesore

The Kamehameha Schools' proposed rail plan is both more financially sound — i.e., $1.7 billion less — than the mayor's inflation-adjusted $5.5 billion rail plan. Aesthetically, it is also the better choice for Hawaii.

Honolulu residents can ill afford the costs of the mayor's rail plan, especially in view of the loss of revenue from increasing unemployment, impending layoffs, senior citizens and retirees.

Already, building structures block the pristine beauty of the Koolau Mountains. The people of Hawaii do not need another blight on the landscape for which the multitude of tourists from around the world come to admire and enjoy. Let us remember: Tourism is critical to the economy of Hawaii.

Maile Nicholas



Wrong to link Damien with bill

Kenneth Conklin's letter of Oct. 13 derides the earlier editorial “;Damien a Hero to All”; (Star-Bulletin, Oct. 11) as hypocrisy, but he's conflating mountain apples and mock orange trees. Heroism is not connected to citizenship — Damien dedicating his life to a distant nation without seeking personal gain only accents his heroism.

Hawaii's many heroes are recognized for actions, not political standing.

Joseph de Veuster, Father Damien, is not on the Hawaiian registry of naturalized subjects. He could have applied for citizenship but likely chose to maintain his status as a foreign subject. Mother Marianne Cope apparently did the same. Neither sought to be a Hawaiian subject or lobbied about getting their share of what belonged to Hawaiians.

The Akaka Bill is flawed, based on indigenous bloodline rather than subject status. The occupied nation must be addressed, including the 10 percent who were not of Hawaiian blood, for it is the descendants of that nation whose legacy is withheld. All others here, historically and now, whether tolerated or beloved, are not owed political consideration in this issue. Damien's heroism is unrelated.

Puakea Nogelmeier



Make politicians join Obamacare

“;I, (Congresswoman Hirono, Congressman Abercrombie, Sen. Inouye, Sen. Akaka) pledge to drop any/all private insurance plans for myself/family and to sign up for any health care plan which the Obama administration might implement.”;

If your congressional representatives will not sign this simple pledge, then they obviously do not believe in any present/ future plans that this administration may have. Call your congressional representative today and see if he or she (Akaka, Inouye, Abercrombie, Hirono) will sign this pledge.

Steve Baker

Kahului, Maui


Let people walk dogs in parks

There was a time when pet owners walked their pets freely in Kapiolani Park along the beach, and sat in the park or lay on the sand and grass with their pets at their sides. It was civilized.

Now, disappointed taxpaying dog owners find that they are fined by the city for doing the respectable thing allowed in metropolitan areas from New York to San Francisco. What has gotten into the mayor and city planners to motivate the outlawing of dogs on leashes and fines for dog owners and their pets enjoying the public parks with their canine companions? It's a shame and disgrace.

The law should be repealed and replaced with good poop-and-scoop laws with strongly enforced leash laws. Please be civil and allow dogs and their owners a happier and healthier existence. Where is the aloha, Mr. Mayor?

Chaz Hill





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