KSSK maintains its grip on top of radio ratings


POSTED: Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three-fourths of Oahu radio listeners do not listen to Michael W. Perry and Larry Price's morning show on KSSK-FM 92.3/AM 590—but once again, harking back to earlier days in their 26-year run, 25 percent of morning radio listeners are tuned in to the divergent duo.

At one point in the late 1980s, Perry and Price commanded one-third of the morning radio audience—but that was before additional stations signed on the air and before TV stations put much, if any, effort into local morning shows.

The pair's prevalence in the morning feeds the 30.8 percent market share held by KSSK's parent company, Texas-based Clear Channel Communications Inc., according to respected industry Web site AllAccess.com. Clear Channel owns seven Honolulu radio stations.

Georgia-based Cox Radio Inc., with six stations, is next in Honolulu market share at 24.7 percent; the five-station cluster licensed to Maui-based Visionary Related Entertainment LLC has 16 percent of the market, while California-based Salem Communications Corp.'s five-station cluster has 13.7 percent.

Remaining market share is divided up among smaller operators, mostly with niche programming.

The overall ratings, as reflected in the chart, measure listening by the “;universe”; of listeners ages 12 and older.

Far more important than the bragging rights a station may get from appearing in a top-10 list in the paper is its performance among its target demographic—because that generates revenue among advertisers seeking to reach those segments of the audience.

Among 25- to 54-year-olds listening from 6 a.m. to midnight, KSSK-FM's adult contemporary format reigns supreme, having risen nearly 4 share points from a year ago.

It is the only station with double-digit market share.

KRTR-FM 96.3, a Cox station with an adult contemporary format, is No. 2 in the demographic with an 8.6, and KDNN-FM 98.5's Hawaiian and Reggae format is third with a 7.6 share.

KPHW-FM 104.3, another Cox station, leapt from a tie for sixth place to first in the battle for 18- to-34-year-old ears, up to 11.5 from 6.7 a year ago, dethroning Visionary's KDDB-FM 102.7, which lost 2.5 share points from a year ago. The stations both air hip-hop and other youth-oriented hits.

Third in the youth market is Clear Channel-owned KDNN, “;Island 98.5,”; which moved up a notch in the rankings and gained 3 full share points since last summer.

Morning shows traditionally generate most of a station's revenue and the long-standing simulcast between KSSK-FM and AM is still a steadfast No. 1 among the 25-to-54 set with an 18.6, down a tad from a solid 19 share a year ago.

Island 98.5 rose to No. 2 from No. 7 a year ago, following a staffing change announced in late April, when Clear Channel's Hawaii stations laid off several staff members or reassigned them to off-air tasks. The morning show is hosted by Rory Wild, Gregg Hammer and Crystal Akana.

Krater 96 slipped to No. 3 from No. 2 in the adult demographic this time around but recently announced the hiring of radio veteran Dave Lancaster to co-host the show with “;Sista”; Sherry Clifton.





        Overall Honolulu radio ratings for summer 2009 compared with the year-ago period and previous rank in parentheses:




StationSum '09Sum '08
1. KSSK-FM 92.312.09.9 (1)
2. KINE-FM (2)
2. KRTR-FM (3)
4. KDNN-FM (9)
5. KPHW-FM (11)
6. KHUI-FM (7)
7. KUMU-FM (8)
8. KDDB-FM (6)
9. KCCN-FM (5)
10. KPOI-FM (14t)




        Share is the percentage of audience listening. Honolulu is the nation's 64th-largest radio market. Survey dates: June 25 to Sept. 16.

Source: Arbitron Inc.