UH fans can fall back on underwhelming positives


POSTED: Sunday, October 11, 2009

As former coach Bob Wagner used to like to do, let's look at the positives, Hawaii football fans. Plenty remain after that 42-17 nail-biter, cliff-hanger loss to Fresno State last night.

» You have to love the 5:05 p.m. start. An hour more to drown the sorrows before last call.

And you won't have to see any of the Bulldogs around the island today, since they flew out last night.

» The Warriors found a new defensive star. Umpire Rico Orsot got a good hit in on the Bulldogs' star running back Ryan Mathews.

If you didn't believe the hype on Mathews, you should now. There are other guys strong like him who can run fast in a straight line. But the lateral quickness he displayed last night is truly rare. Can I get his NFL fantasy rights now? The Warriors were relieved to have held him to 149 yards.

» That key fumble on the punt that led to another Bulldogs TD right before halftime did Hawaii a favor. It allowed the Warriors to find their punt returner. It's Greg Salas. I vote to keep him there and let him do his magic. Coach Greg McMackin said last night he's not sure if he wants to expose his best receiver to possible injury.

» The guy named Chizzy got to play. You have to root for a guy named Chizzy.

» The local economy gets a boost, as a film crew is headed here for a complete remake of “;The Dead Zone.”; This time it's about the horrors of UH's offense as it edges toward that scary goal line.

The Warriors finally scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter last night, after going seven periods without one.

» Quarterback Bryant Moniz survived his first game as starter with only one sack, despite getting whacked numerous times as he threw his passes. Of course, his 24-for-52 accuracy must improve.

» McMackin said he counted at least six drops of Moniz passes. Fortunately, two of them were by Fresno State defenders.

» Now you don't have to argue with your spouse about whether you're going to have the gang over for next week's game at Idaho on pay-per-view or attend Cousin Josie's wedding.

Also, plenty of good seats to see a BCS bowl-game-bound team in two weeks: Boise State.

» Leon Wright-Jackson looked like the Leon Wright-Jackson we saw on YouTube. But then the running game disappeared again as Hawaii fell further and further behind.

» Although the score was four points closer against LaTech, the Warriors say they played better last night.

“;It sucks to see the scoreboard,”; linebacker Blaze Soares said. “;But I saw guys who fought to the end. In that huddle you see boys still fired up.”;

» Bob Nash could tell the prospect he hosted, “;See, I told you it's a basketball school.”;

» The Warriors have no more opponents named Bulldogs this year, but a couple of Aggies still to play.

» Funaki rhymes with Dunnachie.

Not really a positive, but if you're going to continue to follow this team you have to find your fun where you can.


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