'Hawaii Five-O' could see revival as CBS considers a new series


POSTED: Friday, October 09, 2009

A remake of the fabled “;Hawaii Five-0”; series could be coming to the television screen.

CBS has agreed to consider producing a 2.0 version of “;Five-0,”; according to online postings at Variety and the Hollywood Reporter yesterday afternoon.

“;CSI: NY”; executive producer Peter Lenkov and writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, responsible for two of the summer's box-office hits, “;Star Trek”; and “;Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,”; pitched the proposal.

“;'Hawaii Five-0' is considered such a great show, and to have great talent attached to it, a well-loved property not just here, but around the world, much like 'Star Trek,' we can only hope that the two of them can spin that same kind of magic in their attempts to reboot 'Five-0',”; said Walea Constantinau, commissioner of the Honolulu Film Office.

The series, which brought Hawaii to television sets around the world, ended its 12-year run in 1980.

Constantinau said that during her visit to Los Angeles in August, she was called into the office of Kevin Berg, CBS executive vice president for production, “;and he mentioned that they were considering bringing it back on the network.”;

She said it bodes well that the pilot episode script will be approved by CBS, “;probably by the end of the year.”;

Constantinau said the usual cycle of getting a new series on the air after a network approves a script is that the pilot production season starts in the spring; then if the pilot makes the grade, series production ramps up in the summer.

Both Constantinau and Donne Dawson, film commissioner of the Hawaii Film Office, expressed cautious optimism on the chances that “;Hawaii Five-0”; could once again be shot entirely in the islands.

“;I'm going to tell the network that we're here to support them,”; said Dawson, despite the possibility that she and her other specialists in the office are slated to be laid off in about two months.