Brief asides


POSTED: Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Moniz gives us new reason to cheer

Bryant Moniz has the right attitude going into Saturday's UH football game, his first as starting quarterback. The Leilehua grad moved into the first-string spot when Greg Alexander injured his knee, and the sophomore is trying his best to stay relaxed as the Warriors prepare to take on the Fresno Bulldogs. That easygoing demeanor is an asset as Moniz trusts his coaches and teammates to help him succeed in the Western Athletic League home opener. No doubt the hometown Aloha Stadium crowd will cheer him along, too.



Furlough beats a straight pay cut

A furlough is not the same as a pay cut. Although the terms have been used practically interchangeably as the state of Hawaii negotiates budget cuts with the public worker unions, the distinction is critical. A pay cut means the person works the same number of hours as always, for less money. A furlough is an unpaid day off, meaning workers take home less cash but have the time to do with as they wish. Since time equals money, the advantage is obvious.



Launched to riches by the Great Recession

Young, employed and ambitious.

The Great Recession has golden opportunities for folks who fit that bill.

While the spotlight generally focuses on baby boomers whose finances have been decimated, the truth is that plenty of people are thriving amid the deep economic downturn. Chief among them, according to the Associated Press: young professionals in stable jobs who finally have enough money to buy a house (or two, as prices plummet) and are scooping up blue-chip stocks at rock-bottom prices.

As usual, one person's pain is another's pleasure.